Tomb of Thutmose III

This cemetery enjoys the beauty of its engravings. It is noticed that the ceiling is painted blue and has white star engravings

The tomb of Tuthmosis III, or scientific symbol KV34, is a rock-hewn tomb of one of the pharaohs of Egypt, Tuthmosis III.

Thutmose III belonged to the Eighteenth Dynasty during the New Kingdom of Egypt (1470 - 1070 BC). This cemetery is characterized by the beauty of its coordination and the accuracy of its design and implementation.

Its entrance is like a long sloping underground corridor, followed by a vertical pit - perhaps to deter thieves - then sloping corridors and stairs leading to a high room and then stairs to a wide lower chamber, the pit of the coffin.

The rooms are engraved with drawings expressing the religious perception of the ancient Egyptians, and hieroglyphic texts from the Book of the Dead.

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