Tomb of king Merenptah in Luxor | The Second largest tomb

The tomb is considered to be 100% incomplete, as the tomb inscriptions and drawings have been completely completed except for the decorations on the walls at the end of the vestibule after the burial chamber. The columns of the entrance to the burial chamber were broken and vandalized by the workers of the ancient Egyptians, the pharaohs, due to a technical error, as the width of the first coffin was greater than the opening of the burial chamber door.

Tomb of king Merenptah in Luxor

You will see decorations in the form of eagles on the ceiling as you walk into the vestibule. The vestibule contains cavities containing texts from the chant of the god Ra, then drawings of 4 hours of supplies, then an inscription of the jackal god Anubis with the god Isis opposite him on the right wall. Decorations and drawings of the god Nephthys and texts from the Book of the Dead.
You will see an inscription of King Merneptah on the walls of the door of the water well room and the god Osiris on the walls of the second door in addition to an inscription containing a group of ancient Egyptian goddesses on the left wall “Lam Seti, Duamutiv, Anubis, Khribaqif, Isis and Neith” and on the right side “Hapi, Qebhasanoev, Anubis, Nephthys, and Srkt. In the next room, you will see that it contains 2 pillars and an inscription of the god Osiris on it. On the left wall of the room, then an engraving of a king making offerings to the god Osiris, and drawings from the Book of Gates on the walls for hours No. 4,5,6.
You will see an inscription of King Merentbah presenting the boat to the gods Osiris, Ptah, and Horus on the left wall, then an inscription of the ancient Egyptian goddess Osiris, Ra Horakhty, Ptah, and Anubis on the right wall.
You will see a rickety inscription of the opening of the mouth ritual of King Merneptah on the walls of the vestibule, then an inscription of the king sitting in front of a group of temple priests and a meal.
There are many drawings and texts on the walls of the burial chamber from the Book of the Dead.

Sarcophagus of King Merneptah:

The coffin was discovered consisting of 4 coffins nested on top of each other, then the mummy of the king in the last small coffin.
The sarcophagus of King Merntabe was found open, made of pink granite.
The mummy of King Merentbah was found with a group of royal mummies in 1898 AD in a cache inside the tomb of King Amenhotep II in the Valley of the Kings in Luxor by archaeologist Victor Loret.
The width of the first coffin = is 213 cm.
The sarcophagus of the king consisted of 4 very huge sarcophagi made of granite and the fourth sarcophagus made of calcite stone on top of each other.
You will see the lid of the sarcophagus of King Merneptah in a small room next to the burial chamber.

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