Tomb of Ramses VI

His tomb contained one of only three complete copies of the "Book of Gates," known among the most prominent royal funerary books in ancient Egypt.

The construction of this tomb began during the reign of King Ramses V (about 1147 - 1143 BC) of the Twentieth Dynasty.

Although his burial is uncertain, as his successor in power, King Ramses VI (about 1413 -1136 BC) enlarged the tomb and used it for his burial. 

The layout of the tomb was simple; It consists of a group of corridors descending in a straight line leading to the burial chamber deep underground, and its inscriptions are in a good state of preservation.

The scenes of the tomb also contain many funerary inscriptions that help the king to move safely to the afterlife.   The first descending corridors were decorated with the Book of Gates,  the Book of Caves, and the Book of Heaven,  and the corridors that follow were decorated with scenes from the Emduat, the Book of the Dead,  and the Book of Heaven, while the burial chamber was decorated with scenes From the book Earth.

The ceilings are decorated with astronomical scenes and inscriptions.   Some of these funerary texts are collections of incantations, and others are maps of the underworld, describing the sun god's daily nocturnal journey through it, enabling the king to ensure his rebirth on the eastern horizon at dawn as the sun god.

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