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Egypt Hiking and Trekking Tours 2024-2025

Egypt Hiking and Trekking ToursEnjoy our Desert Safari in Egypt and the adventurous vibe of the trip among the dunes and the blue sky, and experience the best and mo...

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Try the adventure of climbing Mount Sinai at sunrise with an interesting hike on Mount Moses, which starts in Cairo!

Start From $220 / 2 Days

Discover with us the 1 day Sinai Safsafa mountain hiking tour from Cairo to enjoy the hidden basins and ancient chapels in Jebel Safsafa now!

Start From $190 / 2 Days

Explore Sinai and live the adventure of the Sunset Trekking Tour to climb Mount Sinai from Cairo, which includes a Bedouin night camp!

Start From $220 / 2 Days

Explore this 1 day at Abbas Basha trekking palace in Sinai from Cairo to visit Abbas Basha Palace and live the adventure of the mountain Hiking!

Start From $0 / 2 Days

Experience a 2-day hiking tour in Sinai Wadis to see the vast landscape and beauty of the Sinai desert with Cairo Top Tours!

Start From $0 / 3 Days

Enjoy a 2-Day Trekking to Saint Catherine Mountain with Cairo Top Tours to see the beautiful view of the Sinai desert!

Start From $0 / 3 Days

Try our 3 days of trekking in Sinai Wadis and enjoy the experience of hiking tours in Egypt while Enjoying the wide-open spaces of the Sinai desert.

Start From $540 / 3 Days

Live the adventure and try the Sinai 3 Days Trekking Tours to enjoy your Egypt hiking and trekking tours while visiting and seeying the Sinai desert!

Start From $0 / 4 Days

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