The Colored Canyon in Sinai, Egypt

Color Canyon is considered one of the natural wonders of Taba, Sinai, and the valley is a labyrinth of sandy rocks in yellow, purple, red, and gold colors, reaching a height in some places of 40 meters, and capturing the heart of its visitors with its beauty and danger as well.

Colored Canyon in Sinai, Egypt 

Among these natural places formed by nature, and attracting visitors from everywhere and tourists, which made Sinai a great position is the Colored Canyon, one of the most famous natural wonders of Sinai that gets visitors astonished by its beauty during Egypt day tours, the canyon is 800 meters in length and is formed by rain and water Winter and veins of mineral salts, which have been dug canals in the mountains after they have been running for hundreds of years.

The reason for calling the colored canyon this name is the veins of colors that cover its walls, with shades of mineral salts that draw lines on its sandy and limestone stones and give them crimson, orange, silver, gold, purple, red, and yellow colors.

Colored Canyon in Nuweiba

The colorful canyon is one of the natural wonders of Sinai and can be visited from Taba. It is a labyrinth of limestone rocks in shades of yellow, purple, red, and gold that reach 40 meters in places. The unique shapes and heights of the rocks sometimes require some climbing. So be well prepared and try to arrive as early as possible not only for the weather but also to avoid heavy crowds. You might prefer to discover the magic of the places alone, but the canyon can only be visited with a guide.


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