White Desert

The White Desert, a strange phenomenon in western Egypt, is located in the Bahariya oases to the north of the Farafra oasis and covers an area of more than 3000 square kilometres. It is unique in its kind, and visitors to these western lands frequently feel as if they are visiting another planet, despite the fact that it is only 500 kilometres from Cairo.

The White Desert in Egypt 

The White Desert has a truly magical effect as it’s one of the more recently declared protectorates of Egypt and is located totally within the Farafra area. White Desert National Park Considered one of the most important tourist destinations for Egypt's Desert Safari adventure. It is without a doubt Egypt's most well-known desert destination, and for good reason. In every desert on the planet, the number of strange and magnificent wind-carved rock formations shaped like huge mushrooms or stones is unparalleled. The important question is Where is the White Desert? Farafra Oasis is closer to this 300-kilometer protectorate than Bahariya, although it has a smaller selection of tours and safaris. It is, however, the ideal starting place for an overnight trip into the endless whiteness.

White Desert

White Desert Safari Egypt

A gloomy and, at the same time, extremely attractive landscape seems supernatural. Tourists come to admire it from all over the world. The Bahariya Oasis and another prominent natural attraction of Egypt, the White Desert, are located near the Black Desert. The uninhabited and absolutely lifeless desert attracts not only curious tourists but also professional photographers. At certain times of the day, you can create unique images, since the play of shadows forms an even more amazing scenario.

white desert

The name of White Desert Farafra Oasis comes from the layer of chalk and limestone that partially covers the landscape. This is the vestige of a time when this area, today arid, was located under the sea, there are tens of millions of years. You can always find remains of sea urchins, shells, and even coral reefs near the Libyan desert.

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Sleeping under the stars (or rather under millions of stars!), In absolute silence, in the heart of a seemingly infinite space provides an unreal sensation. Walking in the sand or stones, crossing a dry oasis, drinking tea in a lost spring in the middle of nowhere, and discovering fossils of shells are somewhere else apart from this planet. And for those who like the adventurous atmosphere, all this can be done by a 4x4 Jeep vehicle.

You can visit Egypt's White Desert during one of our White Desert Safari Egypt Tours. It is home to a very large and old specimen of Acacia Nilotica which is scientifically important. Also in the White Desert area, you can find animals like The Slender-horned Gazelle and Gazella Leptoceros. It's a very popular area for tourists and residents who come to enjoy the White Desert's unique scenery. You will want to stay for a lifetime there for its magic and scenes that it has to offer for a truly breathtaking experience that will be engraved in your memory for a lifetime in the White Desert Egypt Tour, as it is the most famous and adventurous experience that cannot be experienced anywhere else. There are some Cairo Day Tours that can cover the oasis and both the White and the Black Desert, it is going to be a long day but it is definitely very much worth it. A highly qualified guide from Cairo Top Tours will accompany you every step of the way and answer all your questions.



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