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Cairo Tour to the National Museum of Egyptian civilization and Old Cairo Egypt

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Cairo Tour to the National Museum of Egyptian civilization and Old Cairo Egypt

During your vacation in Egypt, we will accompany you to different places and attractions of the country. Visiting some of the most attractive archaeological sites and richest museums in the world, all of this are in this trip we will take you to The Citadel of Salah al-Din was built under the order of Saladin to protect the city from European attacks. Today it is one of the main tourist attractions of Cairo and offers privileged views of the city. The Egyptian Civilization National Museum, which displays all manifestations of the civilization's diversity and richness throughout its history, is a wonderful place to visit.

Besides that, if you visit Egypt, you must eat local cuisine. You will take pleasure in the Felucca ride on the Nile at the end of this journey as you float down the river. We'll take you to a nice restaurant for lunch.

  • Being met and assisted by our representatives.
  • Transportrs from/ to your hotel in Cairo or Giza.
  • Entrance fees for all the sites are mentioned in our trip itinerary.
  • Certified English-speaking Egyptologist guide to accompany you.
  • Bottle of water or a soft drink during Cairo Trips.
  • All service charges and taxes are included in Egypt tours prices.

In the early morning

Our representative will meet you wherever you are to begin your Cairo Day Tour; we can meet you at your hotel or another location and take you there in a luxurious vehicle.

in the capital of Egypt, you will visit the Citadel of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi, which is the largest castle in the Islamic world. It was established during the reign of Sultan al-Nasir Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi at the hands of his minister, Baha al-Din.

why did salah Al-Din build the citadel? 

The castle was built as Egypt's fortress and administrative hub, and numerous Egyptian kings added many historical items from the Ayyubid era until Muhammad Ali's reign.

The first thing you will do in Salah El-Din Castle, Enjoy visiting Muhammad Ali Mosque is one of the most luxurious mosques in Egypt and was built.
Muhammad Ali Al-Basha was neither Egyptian nor Turkish, but he was born in Greece, then he joined the Turkish army and became a commander there.

After that, Turkey sent him to Egypt because it was occupied by the French under the leadership of Napoleon. The Egyptians revered him as the Savior, and as a result of their adoration for him, he was appointed as the nation's ruler. Muhammad Ali eventually passed away after that, and the castle eventually housed his tomb, which is now open to the public.

The second thing you can see at the castle is the National Police Museum, which also has a display of some of Egypt's most notorious criminals, like Raya and Sakina. The Salah al-Din Citadel contains a wide variety of sites and artifacts that you can explore.

Egyptian Civilization National Museum, which comprises all manifestations of the richness and diversity that Egyptian civilization has had in various ages, is one of the largest international museums as well as the only one of its type in Egypt, the Middle East, and Africa. It will contain rare antiquities on its flanks from prehistoric times until now and is scheduled to open in the Museum of Civilization after the transfer of royal mummies from the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir.

Inside the museum, there are many antiquities and civilizations, as the museum contains 50,000 artifacts that are displayed in modern ways, explaining the development of the stages of Egyptian civilization. And of course, you must see there the Mummies royal room, in which 22 mummies of ancient Egyptian kings are displayed.

after that, We will take you to have Lunch in a good quality restaurant, and at the end of this trip, you will Enjoy sailing down the river during the Felucca ride on the Nile. 

After completing this day of exploration, your guide will take you to your hotel in Cairo or the airport.

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