Salah El Din Citadel in Cairo

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The Citadel Of Saladin is the Iconic picture of Islamic Cairo was built by Salah Eldin El Ayouby, at the end of the 12th century. He was a famous king and leader, as well as founder of the Ayyubid Dynasty. The Citadel is an indispensable part of all Cairo Day Tours when you travel to Egypt and also of the must things to do in Cairo.

It has witnessed numerous historical events throughout the Egyptian history and was -for many centuries- the seat of the king and his government in Egypt. The Ayyubids, the Mamluks, and some Ottomans had a turn ruling over Egypt from the citadel.

The Saladin Citadel is a medieval Islamic fortification in Cairo, Egypt. Located above the Mokattam hill near the center of Cairo, was famous for its fresh breeze and grand views of the city. It is now a preserved historic site, with mosques and museums inside.

Saladin decided that Cairo should have a fortified citadel to protect the city from future foreign attacks. Especially during the threat of the crusaders, who were carrying military campaigns towards the Middle East during this time. He found much inspiration in the Syrian and Lebanese citadels due to how fortified and protective they were, recognizing the importance of having such a massive citadel to protect Cairo, he sent all his resources to construct the military structure.


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Muhammed Ali mosque: 
When Muhammed Ali came to power, he was determined to remove all traces of influence of the Mamluks, who controlled Egypt for six consecutive centuries, and demolished their palaces within the fortress. He also built one of Cairo’s most recognizable landmarks. 


The amazing Mosque of Mohamed Ali or the Alabaster Mosque was built in the memory of a deceased son, towers over the rest of the complex. In addition to this huge mosque, the Citadel also contains the National Military Museum, full of uniforms and weapons from Egypt's long history, a Police Museum, and several more museums dedicated to the palace of Muhammed Ali.

You could enter The Citadel in the past from more than one gate, El Mokatam Gate was named after being near to entrance of the Mokatam  area, Bab El Hadeed or the Iron Gate was to be the main gate of the citadel because it allowed larger cannons and equipment to enter the citadel and it has two main facades, The Middle Gate that some historians claimed it was named so because its location in the middle of the two administration buildings of Sultan El Ghoury and Sultan Qalauan.

The Citadel of Saladin is trule a unique experience that will take you to a journey to the Medievals with its greatness and excellence.