Day Tour to Baron Empain Palace in Cairo

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Day Tour to Baron Empain Palace in Cairo

Explore the popular Baron Empain Palace if you have a layover in Cairo and uncover the mysteries that hide in it.

Baron Palace Cairo Trip

Baron Empain arrived in Egypt in January 1904, intending to rescue one of his wife's development projects: the construction of a railway that would link Al-Matariyyah to Port Said. Despite losing the Train contract with the British, Empain remained in Egypt. Our Egypt day tour to Baron Empain Palace in Cairo is an amazing activity to try during Cairo day tours as you will get to see the amazing construction of royalty for the Baron who built the Electric Railways Company of Cairo and Heliopolis Oases, which bought a large portion of the desert some distance from northeastern Cairo at a low price from the British occupation government. Baron Empain Palace through Cairo trips is your way to get inside the mysteries of this incredible palace!

You can visit the castle in Old Cairo and enjoy a stroll through this historic area and visit the Muhammad Ali Mosque and the Castle Palace. Enjoy our one-of-a-kind and unforgettable tour of Baron Palace. There are many fairy tales that people spin around this terrible Baron Empain Palace.

Baron Empain's Palace is one of Cairo's hidden tourist destinations, located in Cairo Governorate, Egypt. The experience offers visitors a chance to discover new horizons of history and culture in this unique location.



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Have an informative Day Tour to Baron Empain Palace in Cairo from our selection of Cairo excursions to get to see Empain's own residence, which adopted a unique architectural style from South Asia, as Alexander Marcel, a French architect and member of the prestigious French Institute, was commissioned by Empain to build a Hindu-style palace.

Our representative will meet you anywhere in Cairo or Giza to start your Baron Palace Cairo trip and discover the palace which was erected between 1907 and 1910, it still stands today, and is one of the best examples of the earliest creative use of cement. Sadly, it has been shut to the public since the year 1997 when ‘Satanists’ were avowedly practicing rituals here; it became they were a group of teenagers. But now again, it's back open for you to witness the classical art of the era of the Ottoman occupation in Egypt and see the Indian influences that are clear evidence of the perfect architecture.

You will be transferred back to your hotel or any drop-off location after finishing your tours in Cairo.

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Radisson Blu Hotel, Cairo Heliopolis located Next to Cairo International Airport in Sheraton and Next to Heliopolis and Nasr City Egyptian Entertainment areas and it got buffalo wings bar and resturant

Baron Empain Palace is located on Al-Orouba Street on the main road leading to Cairo International Airport. The palace also overlooks Ibn Battuta Street, Ibn Jubeir, and Hassan Sadiq Street

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The Baron Empain Palace is a historic mansion located in Heliopolis, Cairo, known for its distinctive architecture and rich history.

Yes,  The inclusion of a visit to the Baron Empain Palace in Cairo Day Tours can vary depending on the specific tour operator and the itinerary they offer. Some Cairo Day Tours may include a visit to the Baron Empain Palace, while others may not.

Edouard Empain was a rich businessman from Belgium who came to Egypt in 1904 to build a train track. He built a big palace in 1906 to live in while he was there.

Yes, you can visit the Baron Empain Palace in Cairo. The palace, also known as the Qasr Al-Baron, is an architectural gem located in the Heliopolis district of Cairo. It was built by the Belgian millionaire Baron Édouard Empain in the early 20th century and is renowned for its unique architecture, which combines European and Oriental design elements.

The Baron Empain Palace has undergone extensive renovations and restorations, and it is open to the public as a historical and cultural site. Visitors can explore the palace's beautiful architecture and learn about its history. The interior of the palace is often used for exhibitions and cultural events.

Before visiting, it's a good idea to check the opening hours and any entry requirements, as they may vary. The palace is an excellent destination for architecture enthusiasts and those interested in the history of Heliopolis and Cairo's development during the early 20th century.

You have till 2 hours before the start time of the tours to think, decide, and book. 

Yes, tourists can visit the Baron Empain Palace in Cairo, Egypt. This historic palace, also known as the "Heliopolis Palace," is an architectural gem located in the Heliopolis district of Cairo.

While the palace had undergone periods of neglect and limited access, it was undergoing restoration and renovations to reopen it to the public for guided tours and cultural events. The palace's unique architecture, blending various architectural styles including Indian, Islamic, and European influences, makes it an intriguing site for visitors interested in history and architecture.

The palace is famous for its unique architectural style, which combines Indian and French influences. It is considered a masterpiece of early 20th-century architecture in Egypt.


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