Trip to the Pyramids with Felucca Ride

Price Starting From : $85

Trip to the Pyramids with Felucca Ride

Explore the Great wonders of Egypt: Pyramids of Giza; the most popular tourist attraction in the world and included in our Egypt tours. And of course, a traditional lunch on a felucca while enjoying the view of the Nile.

Book this Trip to the Pyramids with Felucca Ride for an unforgettable Egypt day tours for your stay in Egypt!


Transports from/to Cairo hotel.

The admission fees.

Transportation by an exclusive air-conditioned vehicle.

Certified English-speaking tour guide.

Lunch on a felucca.

A bottle of water and soft drink during the tour.

Stops for shopping upon request.

Taxes or service charges.

  • Extra items that are not mentioned in the itinerary.
  • Tipping.
  • Personal expenses.
  • Beverage.

In the early morning of your Cairo day tours, our representative will meet you at the lobby of your Cairo hotel to transfer you to the pyramids of Giza. There, your professional tour guide will tell you the stories behind the three Great pyramids, the valley temple of king Khufu, and the Great Sphinx.

After leaving the Necropolis of Giza, you will be transferred to have lunch in a good quality restaurant in El-Maadi then take a felucca ride.

At the end of the day, we will escort you back to your hotel in Cairo.


1 Person

$275.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$165.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$110.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$85.00 Per Person

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King Khufu was considered the second king of the Fourth Dynasty in ancient Egypt. He took power after the death of his father Senefru. He has a single ivory statue found at Abydos, whose name is inscribed on the seat of...

If you think of Egypt, the pyramids will surely come to mind first. No other country in the world has structures as marvelous as those there and almost no other building in the world is associated with as many myths as t...

lots of people ask how many Pyramid in Egypt and they believe that the pyramids that are found in Egypt are the ones that are found in Giza


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From 30 minutes to 2 hours.

Yes, most tourist areas in Egypt are safe, but it's important to follow security and health guidelines.

Experiencing traditional Egyptian music and dance is a wonderful way to immerse yourself in the country's rich cultural heritage. Egypt has a diverse and vibrant musical and dance scene, and there are several options for enjoying these art forms:

   Folkloric Shows:
Many hotels and restaurants in Cairo and other tourist destinations host traditional Egyptian folkloric shows. These performances feature live music, dance, and colorful costumes representing various regions of Egypt. Look for venues that offer "tanoura" (whirling dervish) performances, belly dancing, and live Arabic music.

Belly Dancing Shows:
Belly dancing is one of the most famous forms of dance in Egypt and the Middle East. You can find belly-dancing performances in Cairo's nightlife scene. Many clubs and entertainment venues offer nightly shows with talented belly dancers.

Nubian Music and Dance:
Explore the Nubian culture through music and dance performances. Nubian music often features unique instruments and rhythms. Nubian dance is characterized by lively movements and vibrant costumes. Consider visiting Nubian villages near Aswan for an authentic experience.

Sufi Music and Whirling Dervishes:
Sufi music and whirling dervish ceremonies are deeply spiritual and mesmerizing. These performances can be seen at historic venues like the Al-Ghouri Complex in Cairo or at special events at Sufi mosques.

Traditional Arabic Music Concerts:
Check for concerts and performances by renowned Egyptian musicians, orchestras, and ensembles. Classical Arabic music often incorporates a blend of traditional instruments like the oud and qanun, creating a unique and soulful sound.

Folk Music Festivals:
If you happen to visit Egypt during a folk music festival, you'll have the opportunity to enjoy live performances from local musicians, singers, and dancers. These festivals celebrate regional musical traditions.

Local cafes and restaurants:
Some local cafes and restaurants may feature live music performances, especially during the evenings. These venues provide an intimate setting to enjoy traditional Egyptian music while sipping tea or coffee.

Music and Dance Workshops:
If you're interested in learning about traditional music and dance, consider joining workshops or classes offered by cultural centers or schools. This hands-on experience allows you to gain insights into the art forms.

   Street Performances:
In some cities and tourist areas, you may come across street performers showcasing their musical talents or dance skills. While these performances may be more spontaneous, they can provide an authentic and unscripted experience.

Cultural Centers and Museums:
Some cultural centers and museums, such as the Cairo Opera House or the El Sawy Culturewheel in Cairo, host cultural events and performances that include traditional music and dance.



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