Saqqara and Memphis Day Trip

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 Saqqara and Memphis Day Trip 

Travelers in Egypt have a great opportunity to book one of the most interesting tours in Giza. Day tours in Cairo to Memphis and Saqqara Cemetery are your gateway to  the ancient royal cemetery during the history of the ancient kingdom of Egypt.

Cairo Day Tour to Memphis and Saqqara

You will meet your Egyptologist on the Saqqara and Memphis day trip to discover the first capital of Egypt founded by the incredible King Menes who unified the two lands of upper and lower Egypt 5000 years ago to start the early dynastic period of the oldest civilization in the history of mankind.

Egypt day tours now have a lot of different excursions in Cairo or even if you have a layover in Cairo enjoy our Cairo day tours from the airport which will be assisted by our hospitable tour operators to make the most of your tours in Egypt.



All transport from any hotel in Cairo or in Giza.

All tickets and entrance fees for your Cairo Day Tours to Memphis and Saqqara.

A tasty lunch in a good quality local restaurant during your Egypt Tours.

Transports are privately done by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.

Professional English-speaking Egyptologist to accompany you through tours in Giza.

Bottled mineral water and soft drinks during Egypt Day Tours.

Shopping Tours in Cairo. (upon your request).

All service charges and taxes are included.


Any extras not listed in the itinerary of Cairo trips.

Beverage during meals after your Saqqara and Memphis day trip.

Tipping or gratitudes are not included in the prices of your tours in Cairo.

Prices are applicable during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.


Meet our Cairo top tours representative according to the agreed pick-up time to start your amazing Cairo day tour to Memphis and Saqqara which is one of our many Cairo excursions to explore the site where the first stone pyramid in history is standing, the Step Pyramid of King Djoser, the 2nd king of the 3rd ruling family during the old kingdom of the glorious ancient Egyptian history. Start your Sightseeing in Cairo when you arrive at the necropolis of Saqqara to enter the site from the original entrance thanks to the efforts of the French archaeologist Jean Philippe Lauer who spent 70 years restoring the monuments of the site of the Step Pyramid. The pyramid got its name because it started from a rectangular mastaba or base in which the burial chamber is 28 meters below, and the queen's burial chamber is 32 meters, then another 5 stories were added above each other to take the form of stairs.

Imhotep, the genius architect who designed the pyramid and held many titles during his lifetime, used the pillared stones exactly the same shape as the original material used by the early Egyptians during that time (reeds-palm trees-wood). Everything that Imhotep built here is destined for the concept of the afterlife, as the soul of the deceased pharaoh could continue to the sky with the support of the offerings and the burial rituals such as the sacred pyramid text. A lot of fancy silver and brass objects were found under the pyramid and were used as offering supports, now displayed inside the museum of Imhotep on your way out of the Saqqara archaeological site.

You will have access to one of the pyramids of the 6th dynasty kings, the Pyramid of Teti, and the tomb of his son-in-law Kagemni which is one of the best-preserved tombs of the nobles at Saqqara, inside, you will see different carvings and inscriptions for the daily life scenes like hunting and offering to the gods of ancient Egypt. The pyramid of King Teti is not the perfect-shaped pyramid we are familiar with, but most of a hill above the ground level with a burial shaft underneath.

Have your pleasant lunch in a restaurant in Saqqara before heading now to discover the artifacts displayed in the museum of the most ancient capital of Egypt from 5000 years ago, the ancient city of Memphis, you will see a lot of statues that will amaze you by the high quality of art in ancient Egypt and especially the alabaster sphinx, which is the 2nd biggest among all the sphinxes in ancient Egypt after the Great Sphinx in Giza which is usually visited during the tour to Giza Pyramids, you will also see the huge colossal statue of King Ramses II who ruled Egypt during the new kingdom, the statue is partially broken from the legs but reflects how ancient Egyptian artisans had great knowledge of anatomy.

You will be transferred back to your hotel or Cairo airport after completing your exciting Saqqara and Memphis tours from Cairo.

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1 Person

$85 Per Person

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$45 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$40 Per Person

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The best times to visit Saqqara and Memphis, as well as other parts of Egypt, are during the cooler and more comfortable months of the year. The climate in Egypt can be quite hot during the summer months, so it's advisable to plan your visit during the following times:

Fall (September to November): This is generally considered one of the best times to visit Saqqara and Memphis. The weather is milder, and the temperatures are more comfortable for exploring the archaeological sites.

Spring (March to May): Another favorable period for visiting, spring offers pleasant temperatures and a chance to enjoy the blossoming landscapes. It's a great time for outdoor activities and exploring the historical sites.

The Saqqara Step Pyramid is a special pyramid from a long time ago. It is the only pyramid where 11 princesses were buried. It took a long time to build, about twenty years, and lots of people helped build it.


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