King Teti | 6th Dynasty Kings

It is not fully known how many years Tete reigned. The Turin Papyrus written during the New Empire does not mention the number of years he ruled but he is likely to be a pharaoh of Egypt for a period of between 13 and 23 years. Tete built himself a pyramid at Saqqara but it is now demolished. The ancient inscriptions neglected him, so he left no traces.

King Teti | 6th Dynasty Kings

He married the heiress of Unas to secure his right to the throne. During most of his reign, he had the help of Kagemni (his son-in-law) and Mereruka as viziers and made a trip to the distant country of Punt were the most valued products in trade came from. He was killed and buried in his pyramid, which was decorated with the pyramid text.

In order to have the legitimacy to rule, he married Queen “I put” the daughter of king Unas, the last ruler of the fifth dynasty, then he married Queen “Khuit”, the daughter of king Asisi, who ruled before King Unas.

Teti built his pyramid in Saqqara necropolis beside the pyramid of king Unas, and he decorated it with a lot of inscriptions, but this pyramid now is ruined. We could not find the Valley Temple of the pyramid until now. 

Commercial affairs with foreign countries flourished as we found his name inscribed in Tomas rocks in Nubia. And also he sent mining campaigns to Punt. During his reign, there were increases in the influence of the governors of the provinces, as they were tending toward independence from the central government.

We have known from Manetho that king Teti was assassinated by his guard after his rule lasted for about 30 years. King Teti ruled for about 30 years. Teti led a religious campaign trained at raising the position of god “Ptah” against the control of the priest of the god Re at Heliopolis.


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