Enjoy an amazing day in Saqqara

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Enjoy an amazing day in Saqqara

You will enjoy the best day tours to Saqqara from Cairo to explore Egypt and learn more about the history of the ancient Egyptian people and visit the most famous places in Saqqara with Egypt Pyramid Tours such as the Step Pyramid, Pyramid of Unas, Tomb of Edut, Pyramid of Tete, Tomb of Meroka, Serapeum, and Imhotep Museum

  • Transportations from and to your hotel in Cairo.
  • Entrance fees to Saqqara.
  • Oriental lunch in a local restaurant.
  • Transportation is privately done by a modern air-conditioned vehicle.
  • A licensed English-speaking tour guide will be with you during your Cairo Day Tours.
  • Bottled water and a soft drink during Egypt Day Tours.
  • All taxes and service charges for Egypt tours are included.

In the morning the tour leader will meet you in your hotel to take you on the best tour to visit famous Cairo attractions in Saqqara.

First, you will visit The Step Pyramid in Saqqara is regarded as the world's first significant stone carving. As its name implies, it is a sequence of six levels of progressively smaller stones that rise to a height of 62 meters (200 feet).

The sound stop on your trip is the Pyramid of Unas. The first instance of the pyramid texts, or funerary texts, can be found in this pyramid, which makes it extremely important. The dead pharaoh was helped on his journey to the afterlife by the spells contained in these texts, which were inscribed on the walls of the burial chamber.

After that, you will visit the tomb of Idut, It is one of the most significant tombs at the location. The princess who owned it belonged to the Royal Family and lived from the end of the Fifth Dynasty to the start of the Sixth. The tomb is renowned for its endearing scenes that stand out for their gorgeous multiple colors and vividly depict the making of offerings and other aspects of daily life.

then you will go to Tite Pyramid at Saqqara It is the second known pyramid with texts from other pyramids. A satellite pyramid, two queen pyramids with associated cult structures, and a funerary temple have all been uncovered during excavations.

And also you will visit the Mereruka tomb With a total of 33 rooms or chambers, the mastaba of Mereruka is the biggest and most ornate of all the non-royal tombs in Saqqara.

Moreover, you can visit The sacred Apis bulls that were connected to the god Ptah, whose cult center was in Memphis, buried in the Serapeum at Saqqara. The Serapeum, which consists of two lengthy corridors and once housed the mummified remains of the bulls, is reached via an avenue of sphinxes. From the reign of Amenhotep III in the New Kingdom until the Ptolemaic Period, the tomb was in use.

Finally, you will visit Imhotep Museum to know more about the history of ancient Egyptian people.

In the end, the tour leader will back you to the hotel in Cairo.

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