Cairo day tour to the sites of Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur

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Day trip to Cairo to the pyramids of Memphis Sakkara Dahshur

Cairo Top Tours has created some shocking Egypt Day Tours Cairo Day Tour to Saqqara necropolis, Memphis, and Dahshur Pyramids are among the top suggested things to do in Cairo, see one of the most ancient sites, which are chosen by the master architect Imhotep to build the first Pyramid in history made out completely of stone, Djoser's Step Pyramid that he built in Saqqara Necropolis. 

Explore the City of Memphis, the very first capital of Egypt, and then go on a special tour to visit the amazing The Red Pyramid in Dahshur.
the biggest pyramid after Cheops and Chephren pyramids in Giza and considered the hugest of the 3 main pyramids of Dahshur, and the Bent Pyramid of Sneferu who was the father of King Cheops and grandfather of Chephren. 

In short, a day trip in Cairo to visit the sites of Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur offers a great opportunity to explore the history and culture of ancient Egypt. Embark on this exciting journey and explore the magnificent monuments that tell the story of a great civilization through an exciting tour of these important historical sites.


Cairo Day Tours covers daily transfers from any hotel in Cairo or in Giza.

All tickets and entrance fees to, MemphisSaqqaraand Dahshur.

A tasty lunch in a good quality local restaurant.

all transfers are privately done by a new air-conditioned vehicle.

English-speaking credited tour guide.

Bottled mineral water and soft drinks during Egypt Day Tours.

Soft drink in a local Cafe during Egypt tours if there is enough time.

Shopping Tours in Cairo  (upon your request).

All service charges and taxes are covered.


Any extras not recorded in Cairo Trips itinerary.

Tipping or gratitudes are not included in the prices of your tours in Cairo.

Drinks during meals.

Prices are valid during Christmas and New Year tours in Egypt or Egypt Easter tours.

Cairo Top Tours professional tour guide will meet you to start your Cairo Day Tours to Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur Pyramids. You will be transferred to visit Saqqara, the largest necropolis in ancient Egypt and the home of eleven royal pyramids, and explore the Step Pyramid Complex, which is thought to be the first building entirely made out of stone all over the world built by the third dynasty king Djoser.

The tour covers entering the pyramid of Teti or the pyramid of king Unas which have the most brilliant burial chambers among all the pyramids that you can enter today, you will also visit one of the Mastaba Tombs of the Nobles at Sakkara to see the daily life scenes in ancient Egypt with all its activities carved like harvesting, fishing, hunting and animal sacrificing, painted in bright colors on the walls and corridors of the tombs.

We will stop for a lunch break then you will be transferred to the modern village of Mit-Rahina to explore the open-air museum of Memphis, the display includes the alabaster sphinx which is not known for whom it was created, as well as displays and Sarcophagi that were found in Mit-Rahina ( the modern village where Memphis was standing ) including the enormous laying of Ramses II.

Then you will be transferred to Dahshur, one of the most impressive archeological sites from ancient Egypt where you will see the pyramids of king Senfru the founder of the fourth dynasty the Red Pyramid, the first true pyramid in Egyptian history popular for the rusty-reddish color of its local stones and the Bent Pyramid which enjoys the most preserved outer-casings and considered a bizarre example of early pyramid development in Egypt both are located at Dahshur, the famous royal cemetery that houses 2 of the pyramids of king Snefru, The site is about 40 km south of Cairo.

Then you will head back to your hotel in Cairo.



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$75 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$55 Per Person

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Egypt is an important country with many exciting places to visit. To make sure you see all the best spots like Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur, it's a good idea to take a guided day tour. This way, you won't miss any of the amazing things this country has to offer.




Yes, guided tour services are commonly available for visitors touring Cairo's attractions and historical sites. Whether you choose a private tour or a group tour, having a knowledgeable guide can greatly enhance your experience by providing insights, historical context, and cultural information about the places you visit. Here's what you can expect from guided tour services in Cairo:

Professional Guides: Tour operators in Cairo typically employ professional guides who are knowledgeable about the history, culture, and significance of the attractions. These guides often speak multiple languages, including English, to accommodate international visitors.

Information and Commentary: Guides provide informative commentary throughout the tour, offering historical facts, anecdotes, and interesting stories related to the sites you visit. They can help you understand the context and significance of each attraction.

Navigation: Guides ensure that you navigate through complex sites like the Egyptian Museum, the Giza Pyramids, and historic neighborhoods with ease. They can help you avoid getting lost and maximize your time.

Answering Questions: Guides are available to answer your questions and engage in discussions about the sites, local culture, and history. Feel free to ask any questions you may have.

Cultural Insights: Guides can offer insights into local customs, traditions, and etiquette, helping you better appreciate and respect Egyptian culture.

Safety and Security: Guides can provide information on safety precautions and help ensure that your tour is conducted in a safe and organized manner.

Private vs. Group Tours: In private tours, you have the guide's full attention and can have a more personalized experience. In group tours, the guide manages a larger group of participants but still provides valuable information.

Optional Extras: Some guided tours may offer optional extras, such as access to additional attractions or experiences not included in the standardtour. These can be arranged through the tour operator.


Dahshur is an archaeological site located in the Giza Governorate of Egypt, not far from Cairo. It holds significant historical and archaeological importance due to its association with ancient Egyptian pyramids and the development of pyramid construction techniques. The significance of Dahshur lies in the following aspects:

Pyramid Development: Dahshur is home to two particularly important pyramids, the Bent Pyramid and the Red Pyramid. These pyramids mark a transition in pyramid construction techniques during the Old Kingdom of Egypt. They provide insights into the evolution of pyramid design and engineering.

Bent Pyramid: The Bent Pyramid, built during the reign of Pharaoh Sneferu, is called "bent" because it has two different angles of inclination. It was originally constructed with a steep angle, which was later modified to a shallower angle. This change in design is believed to be an attempt to correct structural issues during construction. It's one of the earliest examples of pyramid experimentation.

Red Pyramid: The Red Pyramid at Dahshur, also built by Pharaoh Sneferu, is known for its distinctive red limestone casing, which has largely eroded over time. It is the third-largest pyramid in Egypt and one of the earliest successful attempts at constructing a smooth-sided, true pyramid.

Engineering Advances: The construction of the pyramids at Dahshur reflects the advancement of architectural and engineering knowledge in ancient Egypt. These early pyramids served as testing grounds for innovative techniques that were later perfected in the construction of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Historical Significance: Dahshur's pyramids are significant for their historical context, as they were built during the Old Kingdom period (approximately 27th to 22nd centuries BCE), a time of great pyramid construction in Egypt.

Archaeological Exploration: Archaeological excavations and studies at Dahshur have provided valuable information about ancient Egyptian building methods, workforce organization, and the logistics of pyramid construction.

Tourism: Dahshur is accessible to tourists, offering a quieter and less crowded alternative to the more famous Giza Plateau. Visitors can explore the pyramids, learn about their history, and appreciate the architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.

Saqqara, Memphis, and Dahshur are ancient Egyptian archaeological sites located near Cairo. Each of these sites is rich in history and home to some of Egypt's most famous and historically significant monuments. Here are the famous sites at each location:


Step Pyramid of Djoser (Pyramid of Zoser): This is one of the most iconic structures at Saqqara and is considered the world's oldest monumental stone structure. Designed by the architect Imhotep, it marked a significant evolution in pyramid construction, representing an early form of a pyramid.

Mastaba Tombs: Saqqara is home to numerous mastaba tombs, rectangular-shaped structures that served as tombs for the elite of ancient Egypt. They are known for their beautiful reliefs and inscriptions.

Teti Pyramid: This pyramid is associated with Pharaoh Teti and is known for its well-preserved pyramid texts, a collection of ancient Egyptian religious texts.

Unas Pyramid: The pyramid of Pharaoh Unas is known for its pyramid texts, some of the earliest religious writings in ancient Egypt.

Serapeum of Saqqara: an underground burial complex that housed the mummified remains of sacred Apis bulls, considered divine creatures in ancient Egypt.


Memphis Open-Air Museum: Memphis, the ancient capital of Egypt, features an open-air museum with an impressive colossus of Ramses II, as well as statues, sphinxes, and other relics from the city's past.

Alabaster Sphinx: The colossal alabaster sphinx of Ramses II is a prominent attraction in the museum. It is well-preserved and intricately carved.


Bent Pyramid: The Bent Pyramid is an unusual structure due to its bent appearance, which is the result of design modifications made during its construction. It is one of the earliest examples of a true smooth-sided pyramid.

Red Pyramid: Known for its distinctive red limestone casing, the Red Pyramid is one of the largest pyramids in Egypt. It's famous for being one of the earliest true pyramids, with smooth sides from the base to the top.

You should be aware that visiting a mosque is only permitted between prayers, and non-Muslims are still required to dress conservatively. Visitors must wear long gowns and no shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, or other footwear, as this is considered exceedingly disrespectful. Always remove your shoes before entering the mosque (a place of prayer), as they carry dirt from the street. You can, however, keep your socks on. Women must be protected. No loud voice is allowed inside the mosque, as it is not allowed to interrupt praying Muslims, especially by taking photos for them.

The best time for a day tour in Cairo is usually during the cooler months, from October to April, to avoid the extreme summer heat. Mornings are generally less crowded at popular sites.

Egypt offers a multitude of fascinating day trips and excursions from its major cities, providing opportunities to explore diverse historical, cultural, and natural attractions. Here are some options for day trips from major Egyptian cities:

From Cairo:

  • Giza Pyramids and Sphinx
  • Memphis and Saqqara.
  •     Coptic Cairo.
  • Nile River Cruises

From Luxor:

  • Valley of the Kings and Queens
  • Karnak and Luxor Temples
        Hatshepsut Temple.
  • hot air balloon rides.

From Aswan:

  •     Philae Temple.
  • Abu Simbel Temples
  • Felucca sails on the Nile.
  •     Nubian Villages.

The tour typically includes the Step Pyramid of Djoser in Saqqara, the open-air museum of Memphis, and the Red Pyramid and Bent Pyramid in Dahshur.

Saqqara is an archaeological site located near Cairo, Egypt. It is renowned for its ancient burial grounds and the famous Step Pyramid of Djoser, which is considered one of the earliest colossal stone buildings and the first pyramid ever constructed. Saqqara served as a necropolis for the ancient Egyptian capital of Memphis and contains numerous tombs, pyramids, and ancient structures.


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