Colored Canyon and Mount Sinai Safari Trip from Sharm El Sheikh

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Summertime (June to August) in Sharm el-Sheikh is warm, with highs often reaching over 40°C (104°F). It's a beautiful time of year to swim and tan, but you need also take precautions to avoid the intense heat and drink lots of water.

Experience a thrilling jeep tour through the Sinai Peninsula, exploring the Colored Canyon and Blue Hole dive sites. Enjoy the vibrant rock formations, coral reefs, and charming coastal town of Dahab. Ride a camel and enjoy a delicious barbecue lunch in a traditional Bedouin tent. Enjoy the timeless allure of the desert while exploring the Sinai Peninsula.

Discover with us the most spectacular sightseeing in Sinai with our Colored Canyon and Mount Sinai Safari Trip that starts every day like most of our Sharm El Sheikh tours and discover the desert of Sinai.

This tour will take you to visit the Monastery of St. Catherine, the oldest Christian church in the history of Christianity in Egypt. Next, you will move to Nuweiba to be overwhelmed by the spectacular Coloured Canyon which is a unique natural formation that is unparalleled in the middle of the Sinai for nearly 800 meters long and it's formed of sandstone rocks of yellow, purple, red, magenta colors that will truly satisfy your eyes upon seeing it.

you can visit and see more of Egypt trips in Sharm with Sharm Elshikh day tours and also Sharm el Sheikh shore excursions. You can also enjoy our Mount Sinai Tours to discover the history of Sinai through the Cairo Overnight tours.



  • Transportation services by Cairo Top Tours tour leader from your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh and return.
  • Your transports are by a 4-wheel drive A/C vehicle.
  • A certified local guide to be with you during all our Egypt Tours.
  • The entry fee to Saint Catherine is covered in the Colored Canyon and Mount Sinai Safari Trip in Sharm El Sheikh.
  • A free bottle of mineral water is included during all our Sharm El Sheikh Excursions.
  • All service charges and taxes are included.

Cairo Top Tours tour leader will pick up you at your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh to explore one of our Egypt Day Tours. Discover one of the best landmarks of Sinai during our Colored Canyon and Mount Sinai Safari daily Trip desert as you will be transferred by an exclusive 4-wheel drive to Saint Catherine monastery, the Greek Orthodox monastery which is located in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula on an altitude of approximately 1570 meters above the sea level at the exact site where Prophet Moses was said to have seen the Burning Bush.

The Monastery was built in the town of Saint Catherine on the foot of the famous Mount Sinai (Jabal Mossa), above which Moses received the tables of the law inscribed with the Ten Commandments. The monastery dates back to the sixth-century reign of Emperor Justinian I. It was named after Saint Catherine only during the eleventh century in honor of Saint Catherine that she was a Christian martyr from Alexandria.

After a journey in the desert to explore Sharm El Sheikh Colored Canyon until we reach the colored canyona narrow and winding valley where layers of multicolored rocks have been eroded to form pictorial swirls. It is a popular destination for short walks, photography, and even going up and down between the narrow walls. 

We will drive through Wadi Watirone of the most beautiful views of the Sinai Peninsula connecting Nuweiba with Nakhl, and start the track leading to one of the geological wonders of Sinai the colored canyon which got its fame due to the shades of colors that cover its walls, with veins of mineral salts that draw lines on its sandy and limestone formations and give them crimson, orange, silver, gold, purple, red and yellow colors.

Drive back to Sharm El Sheikh to Nuweiba where we will have time to swim for one hour during these wonderful Egypt day tours in Aqaba bay. Then drive back to your hotel.


Full day 4x4 safari tour into Sinai desert to the coloured canyon to discover its beauty and charm.


1 Person

$270.00 Per Person

2 - 3 Persons

$140.00 Per Person

4 - 6 Persons

$125.00 Per Person

7 - 10 Persons

$95.00 Per Person

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It is situated 210 kilometers from Cairo's largest metropolis in the Sinai area. The Colored Canyon is 30 meters deep and 800 meters long. The Egyptian settlement of Nuweiba, which is compact and laid-back, is closest to Colored Canyon.

The Colored Canyon is a unique natural formation located in the Sinai Peninsula. It is known for its vibrant and diverse colors caused by the different mineral and rock formations. The canyon offers stunning hiking opportunities and breathtaking views.

Situated on the Sinai Peninsula, the Colored Canyon is roughly 210 miles distant from Cairo. It is closest to the town of Nuweiba. Relatively small compared some of the other villages along the peninsula, Nuweiba is the closest settlement to the canyon

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