Coloured Canyon Dahab

The colored canyon is a labyrinth formed from sandy rocks full of colors, as a result of torrential rain and rain in the winter between the mountains, and this is the main reason for the formation of the colorful canyon.

The name of the colored canyon is due to the colorful shades of its walls, with the veins of metal salts that draw lines on its sandstones and limestone and give them a scarlet color. The colored canyon is known as a painting of nature and is considered a labyrinth of sandy rocks filled with purple, gold, yellow and red colors, and it is one of the natural wonders in the Taba Reserve in Sinai. In some places, it reaches a height of 40 to 80 meters. It is located 90 km north of Dahab, about 3 km from Nuweiba, and is considered the closest city.

How the canyon was formed: The canyon is made of colorful rocks in the form of slopes similar to the course of a dry river, and its length is about 800 meters. This valley was formed by rainwater, winter torrents, and veins of mineral salts, for which channels were dug in the middle of the mountains after they had been flowing for hundreds of years. The different shapes of the rocks, which are full of curves, give the impression that they are alive and breathing. The width of the valley in some parts allows only one person to pass through, thus being a fossilized coral reef, which indicates that the Sinai was below sea level in ancient geologic times, with a tunnel that is 15 meters long in the mountain, and in this location is a high point known as the Panorama through which the tourist sees mountains of 4 countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Palestine, and Egypt, in addition to part of the Gulf of Aqaba.

Activity there: Climbing There is something very enjoyable especially at sunrise when it is breezy and exciting to see the sunrise from the top with good cold weather that helps to climb, not only the weather but climbing in the early hours of the morning and enjoying calm. Climbers must take a guide with them to keep them safe and guard against losing the road. The canyon is one of the most beautiful attractions available in the desert, we advise you that it should be on your safari list if you want to travel to Dahab, Especially if you love nature and adventure!


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