Khan El Khalili

Since the 14th century, local and foreign traders have conducted business at the Khan el-Khalili souk, which was originally constructed on the site of a former mausoleum. It is the most renowned market in Egypt. One of the city's neighborhoods, Al-Hussein in Cairo, is where it is situated.

Khan El Khalili Bazaar 

If you visit Egypt, you can go to Khan el-Khalili, which was once the site of a mausoleum known as the tomb of el -Za'faraan (Saffron Tomb), which was the Fatimid caliphs' burial site and is now one of the most popular markets in Islamic Cairo.

During the reign of the Mamluk Sultan Barquq, the first Mamluk Sultan, Egypt had been affected by the ravages of the Black Death but continued to be the center of the fabulous economic venture, with many commercial and religious buildings still being constructed at this time.

Egypt is full of exotic souvenirs made out of all kinds of materials like silver, gold, stone, cotton, and wool. Which tourists would like to purchase during their holidays in Egypt. This is the place where tourists can find genuine Egyptian products.

What is Khan El Khalili market?

Khan El Khalili Market

The ancient area of Khan al-Khalili is one of the most beautiful places and Cairo day tours, 600 years old, is considered one of the oldest markets in Egypt and the Middle East. Its ancient architecture has been preserved since the Mamluk era, according to the Egyptian State Information Service.

Khan el-Khalil market was not affected by the ravages of time, and he remained an inspiration for authors and artists. So they are prepared for creativity and the main icon of the history of Egypt. as he wrote, Naguib Mahfouz, his novel "Khan Al-Khalili" describes the atmosphere of the old neighborhood. As side corridors intersect the original street, the sides of the corridors and the street itself are crowded with shops like watchmakers and calligraphers and coffee shops, a fourth for carpets, a fifth for antiques, and so on. While it is located here and some cafes are no more than the size of a small shop, the makers sat in front of the shops lying in patience for their art. That's what makes Khan El Khalili bazaar essential in most Egypt tour packages, due to its vibrant vibes.

How to buy from Khan El Khalili street

Khan El Khalili Souvenirs

Khan El Khalili Bazaar is located close to Al-Azhar Mosque and is considered the best things to do in Cairo. In the middle of Cairo's most economic zone of activity. This economic and commercial zone extended along the city's main north-south axis. And was also the privileged site of many monumental religious complexes built throughout the Mamluk period and beyond.

Al Azhar Mosque

Al Azhar Mosque


Whatever you are buying, get ready to bargain. It is a ritual valid for both Egyptian customers and tourists. There are no strict rules during your shopping in Egypt, except one: if you do not negotiate, there is a serious probability of paying a much higher amount for the object.

Khan Al-Khalili today is occupied by locals rather than foreign merchants and shop holders but is significantly geared towards tourists. Typically all shops there sell souvenirs, jewelry, and souvenirs but many traditional workshops continue to serve in the surrounding area which is famous for the most beautiful Islamic Cairo trips. Pamper yourself and buy souvenirs from Khan El Khalili market during your Egypt luxury tours to remember the good moments you spend in Egypt tours.

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What to do with the Khan El Khalili tour

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