El Nabi Daniel Mosque

Located in the city of Alexandria, there are several Islamic mosques attributed to prophets and messengers who preceded Christianity and Islam, and perhaps this appears in that these mosques may have been ancient temples turned into mosques, or due to the presence of large Jewish communities in the city of Alexandria in the Roman era, so the names were given to the name her prophets.

It is called the Mosque of the Prophet Daniel, and it is called the Mosque of the Prophet Daniel and is also called the shrine of the Prophet Daniel. There is a shrine for the Prophet Daniel in Alexandria, Egypt, and there is a mosque for the Prophet Daniel in Kirkuk in the citadel, and in the city of Susa, Iran, a shrine named after the shrine of the Prophet Daniel. The shrine in Mosul of the Prophet Daniel, peace be upon him, is old and archaeological. There are many tales and tales about the presence of the tomb of the Prophet Daniel in it. The mosque of the Prophet Daniel is located in a narrow alley in the neighborhood of Bab Al-Masjid, close to the barn of the gentlemen. It was blown up by ISIS elements during their control of Mosul between 2014-2017 and now the Directorate of Awqaf Mosul is reconstructing it and it was already a year old in 1981.

In the shrine there is a tomb and a well, and unfortunately, it was previously flooded, and the shrine and the mosque are as important as the shrine of the Prophet Yunus, peace be upon him, the shrine of the Prophet Sheet, peace be upon him, and the shrine of the Prophet Zarzis, peace be upon him, which, as the Director of Mosul Endowments Abu Bakr Kanaan said, is officially installed in the real estate registration departments. The municipality of Mosul is named after the Prophet Daniel Mosque. It contains a mosque, two domes, and a minaret, as well as a beautiful mihrab, a chapel, arches, and columns. Its architecture dates back to the era of the Mughal control of Mosul in 1260 AD.

The Prophet Daniel, peace be upon him, is one of those who were captured and transferred to Babylon in the Babylonian captivity in the time after David, and before Zacharias and Yahya, peace is upon them, and it was at the time when (Nabu Khedansar) came to the house of Jerusalem and many of them were captivated and it was said that Daniel was captured with those who were captured When Daniel was captured and transported to Mesopotamia in Babylon, he and men from the Children of Israel were entertained by watching captives wrestling with lions, digging large pits and placing one of the captives in them and calling him two lions or two tigers - to eat him. This is what did not happen with Daniel, because when they put him in the hole, they shot him lions, so the two lions played with him, and wiped him as if they were asking for forgiveness from him. And when they tried to return the ball, the same thing happened, so they knew that this man was holy and that he was a prophet, and they honored and sanctified him.

In the shrine of the Prophet Daniel in Mosul, an old crypt with a staircase, at the bottom of which is a tomb said to have belonged to the Prophet Daniel. He was buried in it during the survival of the Children of Israel when the Assyrians brought them to Nineveh after wars with them. Many prophets were born, lived, and died in Nineveh, including Daniel. After the emergence of the problem of groundwater due to the Mosul Dam, the basement began to exude water, especially during the spring seasons, and this story happened a few years ago.

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