Ras EL-Tin Palace

Muhammad Ali ordered that the Ras al-Tin Palace be built in the form of a fortress to serve as the seat of his rule in the Citadel of Salah al-Din in Cairo, and the design of the palace was designed by the French engineer “Sir Yeezy Beck” in 1834-1847, meaning that it took 13 years to build. It bears the name "Muhammad Ali" and some granite columns.

Ras El-Tin Palace is one of the oldest historical palaces in Egypt from the era of the Muhammad Ali family. This palace overlooks the shore of the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria. The reason for its name is due to the presence of fig trees in the land on which the palace was built; Therefore, it was called Ras Al-Tin Palace.

Muhammad Ali Pasha had ordered that this palace be built in the form of a fortress; To be the seat of his rule in the Citadel of Salah al-Din in Cairo, and the design of the palace was developed by the French engineer “Sir Yeezy Beck.” The palace was built in the period between (1834-1847 AD), meaning it took 13 years to build, and only the old palace of Muhammad Ali Pasha remains except for the gate that bears The name "Muhammad Ali" and some granite columns.

During the reign of Khedive Ismail, Ras El-Tin Palace became the summer residence of the rulers of the "Muhammad Ali Pasha" family, and Ras El-Tin Palace was rebuilt during the reign of "King Fouad" after it was exposed to a massive fire in 1909 AD, in a style in line with the spirit of the modern era by the engineer The Italian "Ferucci" and the engineer "Hassan Pasha Al-Adawi" (who also built the Haramlek Palace in Montazah), and it cost four hundred thousand Egyptian pounds at the time and became similar to Abdeen Palace, but smaller than it.

Khedive Ismail established a railway station inside the palace; He and his family moved from there to Cairo, which was renovated by King Fouad in 1920 AD.

The historical importance of this palace is due to the fact that it is the only palace that witnessed and lived through the rise of the family of "Muhammad Ali Pasha" in Egypt, which lasted for about one hundred and fifty years, and is considered the largest of Alexandria's palaces. He is removed from power.

It is the same palace that witnessed the end of the rule of the Alawite dynasty in Egypt when King Farouk was deposed and witnessed his departure from it to his exile in Italy on board the royal yacht “Al Mahrousa” from the port of Ras al-Tin; Thus, this palace is a witness to the rule of the family of Muhammad Ali at its most powerful and in its darkest times of weakness

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