Sidi Beshr Mosque

The Sidi Bishr area is one of the most important areas of the Montazah neighborhood, located east of the city of Alexandria in Egypt. It was named after the Sheikh and Imam Bishr, who lived and was buried in that area. The reason for the name was in reference to Sheikh Bishr bin Al Hussein bin Muhammad bin Obaid Allah bin Al Hussein bin Bishr Al Jawhari.

Sheikh Bishr al-Gawhari was an ascetic mystic who retired from the world and lived in a secluded area on the seashore in the city of Alexandria, which was known by his name later. lark. When urbanization extended to this area, the people built a mosque around the shrine in the late nineteenth century AD. The most important landmarks of the Sidi Beshr area, are the Sidi Beshr Mosque, the beaches of Sidi Beshr 1, Sidi Beshr 2, Abu Hef, Miami, and Al Saraya.

Sidi Bishr Mosque is located on the sea road at Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Street. The famous East City Mosque on Khalil Hamada Street. The Church of the Saints is located on Khalil Hamada Street, which witnessed the unfortunate accident in the first days of 2011. The headquarters of the Montazah district is located in front of the Sidi Beshr train station. The Sidi Beshr popular market is located on Cairo Street. Leader Gamal Abdel Nasser. The Friendship Mosque is located before the railway. The Sidi Bishr area extends over a large area of ​​the Montazah district and is also home to the district headquarters.

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The neighborhood is divided into two parts: "Sidi Bishr al-Qibliya", which is located to the south of the railway, and its most important streets are Cairo Street and Seif Street. And "Sidi Bishr Al Bahariya" is also known as "the Miami area" after the American Miami to denote its beauty, and it is a tourist area close to the seashore, so there are a large number of restaurants And shops, in addition to branches of some international fast-food restaurants, and there is also a hospital in the east of the city and one of the buildings affiliated with the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport and Saint Vincent School, and one of its most important streets is Jamal Abdel Nasser Road, which is one of the most important streets of the city, Al-Esawy Street, Khalil Street. Hamada, Khaled Ibn Al-Waleed Street, Mustafa Al-Nahhas Street, known as Iskandar Ibrahim. It also includes Mostafa Kamel Street, the second largest street in Alexandria, with a width of 70 m. It is famous for having the largest shopping mall, City Light, and Fathallah Market.


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