Sidi Bishr Mosque

Sidi Bishr Mosque is one of the landmarks of Alexandria in Egypt

The Sidi Bishr Mosque is attributed to Sheikh Bishr bin Al Hussein bin Muhammad bin Obaid Allah bin Al Hussein bin Bishr Al Jawhari.

He is a descendant of the Al Bishr family who came to Alexandria at the end of the fifth century AH or the beginning of the sixth century AH along with those who came from the scholars of Morocco and Andalusia during that period.

Sheikh Bishr al-Gawhari was an ascetic mystic who retired from the world and lived in a secluded area on the seashore in the city of Alexandria, which was known by his name later.

It was renewed during the reign of Khedive Abbas II, who extended a railway to the area to perform Friday prayers in the mosque every week while he was spending the summer in Alexandria.

In 1945, the mosque was expanded and added to it, making its area four times what it was. In 1947, a spacious square and a garden were built in front of the mosque, adjacent to the sea shore, so that the Sidi Bishr neighborhood became one of the most famous neighborhoods in Alexandria. In June 2000, during the reign of the Governor, Major General / Mohamed Abdel Salam Mahjoub, the facades of the Sidi Bishr Mosque were renewed and the square facing it was developed by a private sector company owned by a Coptic businessman, as an expression of the spirit of tolerance and national unity that characterizes Alexandria.

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