Wadi El Seboua Temple in Nubia | Valley of the Lions Temple in Aswan

The area got its name from the path of the rams that led to the temple of Ramses II, whose entrance was preceded by a path on each side of which a group of Great Sphinxes was decorated in the shape of crouching sevens. The Wadi El Seboua Temple or Valley of the Lions Temple is one of the three temples established by King Ramses II in Nubia.

The temple is one of the temples built during the New Kingdom of Egypt history in Lower Nubia as it contains a temple for King Ramses II of the 19th dynasty. The temple was built by the Pharaoh Amenhotep the Third and Ramses II restored it.

The temple was saved and moved 4 kilometers north from its original location, in fear that the waters of Lake Nasser would rise and that no damage would happen to it.

In the first part of the temple, there is a room for worship in which there is a rock carved about 6 meters, and opposite it is a brick building and a half-painted hall. It was built to be a temple for the worship of God Amun. During the Amarna rule, and Amenhotep III expanded the temple by adding some development work to the structure.

Around the fifth century A.D, the temple was converted to a Christian church. Where some of the drawings from the temple were covered with layers of shellfish to hide the drawings of the ancient Egyptian gods. Unfortunately, this layer preserved the original paintings, especially the Holy of Holies at the innermost of the temple. In the outer courtyard, the face of Amun was covered to Saint Petro's image. When the layers were removed, the drawings showed Ramses II presenting flowers to Saint Peter.

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