Egypt Family Easter Vacation 13 days

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Egypt Family Easter Vacation 13 days

Egypt is one of the most amazing countries in the world and Easter is the perfect time to explore it. Egypt Easter Tours  offers a variety of activities and attractions that will keep your family entertained all while teaching them about the country's history and culture. Plus, the beautiful weather makes for perfect days outdoors. Here are some of the adventures you will get to experience during one of our Easter Egypt tours this year. No matter how old your kids are, they'll be amazed by the ancient wonders of Egypt. From the Great Pyramids of Giza through our Cairo day tours and our Valley of the Kings with our Luxor day tours, there is so much to see and do. With a knowledgeable tour guide, you can be sure that your family will have a wonderful experience.

One of the best ways to see Egypt is by taking a Egypt Nile River Cruise Tours. Sit back and relax, and take in the incredible scenery while you travel down one of the most iconic rivers in the world. A trip to Egypt is not complete without a visit to the Great Sphinx and the  Pyramids of Giza.. These ancient structures are truly a sight to behold, and your children will love getting up close and personal with them. Learn about Egyptian culture by visiting this land with a rich and fascinating culture. From the food to the music to the art, there's so much to learn about this amazing country. Your family will love getting a taste of the local culture on your upcoming Easter vacation. So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your trip today!


All Taxes and Charges.

Entrance Fees To All Mentioned Sites.

Private Transportation are covered by a Modern A.C Vehicle.

4 days Accommodation at Cairo Pyramids Hotel in Cairo.

2 days  Accommodation camping in the white desert.

3 days Accommodation at A 5* Hotel in Siwa.

3 days Accommodation at A 5* Hotel in Alexandria.

1 day Accommodation at A 5* Hotel in Marsa Matruh

Meals Available as Mentioned in the Tour Itinerary.

Pick up & Drop off Service at Cairo International Airport.

Professional English Egyptologist tour guides.


International Airfare.

Entry Visa to Egypt.

Any Extras Not Mentioned In The Itinerary.


Drinking during meals

Tour price doesn't apply during peak seasons like Christmas, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours.

Our tour guide will pick you up from  Cairo International Airport , help you with paper documents and luggage in his area, then drive you to your Swiss Inn hotel in Cairo.

There is no question that millions of people all over the world dream of visiting the Pyramids. You can achieve your dream thanks to our business. Pay attention while your tour guide discusses the Pharaohs, gods, goddesses, mythology, and mummification in ancient Egypt. Your own Egyptologist guide will be more than happy to answer any questions you might have and outline the history and mystique surrounding the pyramids. Pay attention to your tour guide as she discusses the gods, goddesses, and mythology of ancient Egypt. You'll have plenty of time to do various tasks, including entering the chambers and seeing the sun boat museum. You can also visit the Valley Temple and the Sphinx by following your guide's directions. You'll continue a fascinating day trip to the Egyptian museum. The world's most renowned and extensive art collection will be a real treat for you. The greatest attractions among the exhibitions are the treasures discovered in king Tut Ankh Amun's tomb.. You will first see the royal mummy chamber after your private live guide has explained the highlights and given you a chance to spend some quiet time alone exploring more of the museum. The chamber houses the mummies of famous Egyptian kings and queens.

After lunch at a local restaurant, return to the hotel.

On our day, you will be picked up from your accommodation in Giza or Cairo at 6 a.m. We will then drive to our first destination, Bahariya Oasis, which is around 350 kilometers east of Cairo. When individuals from Bahariya wanted to travel to the Nile valley in the past, they frequently waited until a caravan was coming by.

During the journey, there will be two opportunities for coffee breaks.

It is useless for visitors as the Baharyia Oasis is Egypt's principal supply of iron ore, as you can see from the rails on your right that convey the iron ore reserves to the steel factory at Helwan. There are four locations called Managim where iron ore may be found. It comes from middle Eocene limestone. When you get to Baharyia Oasis at 10:00, you'll meet your safari guide, get in your 4x4 Jeep, and start your journey. Go by car to the dark desert. Its mountains, hills, and dunes are all covered with a thin layer of black powder, hence the name. Some mountains' peaks are covered with this powder.

At 12:00, the lunch will be given in El Haize oasis, which is 37 kilometers from Bawiti and is sometimes referred to as a different oasis. The area was quite prosperous during the Roman era, and many of the present families are descended from Libya. You may relax before lunch by soaking in a hot spring, which will almost immediately lower your stress levels. Relaxation brought on by the heat fosters a serene, at-ease, and tranquil state of mind. There is a museum here called the "Water Museum" that was constructed to educate visitors about the value of subterranean water for desert dwellers as well as the tools the Egyptians used to raise water for agriculture.

At 13:00, drive to the Agabat Valley.

14:00 Arrive at Agabat Valley, which is located deep in the White Desert. To truly experience the otherworldly splendor of the place, you have to be there. The site was formerly under water millions of years ago. Over time, distinct formations of limestone, chalk, and even sandstone have emerged. Then you will venture into the desert discovering the jungle valley by 4x4 jeep enjoy sand boarding -16:30 and explore the national park, the most famous desert destination in Egypt. There are hundreds of images here each one reminiscent of an animal - a hen - a sphinx, a camel, a tent, a mushroom 18:30 The rock formations fade as the sky turns pink, then a darker and fiercer orange, and calm prevails all around. You'll feel as if nothing has ever tasted so good as you eat chicken, rice and veggies while sitting around a small fire. Dinner and camping in the desert will be coordinated by the Bedouin crew.

Today, you will experience the breakfast in the middle of nature and desert at 7:00 am before you go on a trip to  Bahariya Oasis. You will stop at Crystal Mountain, sometimes referred to as Gebel al-Izzaz, on the way back at 9:00. The quartzite crystals that compose the hill, which can be seen on the right, are what give it the nickname "the Jewel of the Desert" and give it its stunning appearance when illuminated by the sun. That natural feature was discovered by chance a few decades ago.

Drive to Bahariya Oasis at 11:00 Relax by soaking in the heat of Bir Sigam, a hot spring. The spring is the best hot spring in terms of temperature and is situated on Cairo Road 7 km east of Bahariya. Will stop in Bir Madi in the summer ( which is a cold spring)

After 12:00, return to Cairo by car. Arrival in Cairo at 16:30 - You have two other alternatives to learn more about the oasis: We do suggest making an additional excursion to the Alexander the Great Temple, the museum of the golden mummies, and the Bawiti tombs if you want to learn more about the history of the Bahariya oasis.

You'll find Gebel Maghrafa, the palm and olive groves, and Bahariya Oasis. There, in 1914, at the foot of Gebel Dist, the largest Diansour ((Stromer's Tidal Giant)) ever found, was found. Lake al-Marun, the largest salt lake in the Bahariya Oasis, is where you can view the sunset from the top of English Mountain (Gebel Al Ingleez). A panoramic of the northern region of the oasis may be seen from the summit. the road to Cairo

Our representitive will meet you up to take you from  your Cairo hotel, We offer different trips to Fayoum Oasis, you can do one day trip or an overnight trip in El Fayoum to discover this beautiful oasis, The Fayoum, located less than a hundred kilometers from Cairo and with its rich heritage of flora and fauna and archaeology, is one of the most beautiful and fertile regions of Egypt. in addition, it includes two areas declared as protected by the Egyptian Government: Lake Qarun and Wadi Rayan National Parks.

The Fayoum is divided into six administrative centers of which the chief towns are Madinat al-Fayoum, Tamiya, Sinnuris, Ibshawai, Yusuf al Siddiq, and Its – comprising approximately 157 villages and 1565 hamlets with a population of more than 3 million inhabitants. the total surface of 4678 sq. Km. the cultivated area is 1437 sq. Km

then we will have a lunch at local restaurant and return you to Cairo hotel

Our air-conditioned car will be waiting for you outside the hotel where you will be taken from your Cairo hotel to the Lex Sheraton El Montazah hotel. After checking in, we start our tour with a photo stop at Qaitbey's Citadel, which is recognised as one of the most important defensive strongholds along the Mediterranean Sea coast as well as in Egypt. In the 15th century A.D., the Citadel played a significant role in Alexandria's defence system. It is located not far from the entrance to the eastern harbour at the easternmost point of Pharos Island. On the identical spot where the renowned Lighthouse of Alexandria, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, formerly stood, it was built.

You may then explore the sizable Montazah Royal Palaces and Gardens, which belonged to Mohamed Ali Pasha's royal dynasty from Khedive Abbas Helmy II to King Farouk I. We will pass Stanley Bridge, one of Alexandria's stunning new structures, en route to the gardens. It is possible to explore the 3000-meter-wide gardens, which are home to a variety of trees and plants, some of which are quite uncommon. Despite being planted more than 75 years ago, a number of tropical plants are still in outstanding condition.

Our excellent journey will come to a close at the Modern Alexandria Library (see its free exhibits and open court). The Old Library was famous across the world for its enormous book collection, which included both works of literature and other fields of science. It sustained several wounds over the Greco-Roman era before going extinct. The library's reconstruction project was initiated in the latter part of the 1980s of the previous century. The current Alexandrian library is made up of six above-ground storeys and four subterranean levels. The unusual shape of the modern Alexandria library is acknowledged as a distinctive architectural trait.

After this wonderful tour of Alexandria, you will be picked up and driven back to your accommodation.

Pompei's Pillar is situated in the Serapis temple, which housed Serapis, "the chief god of Alexandria under the Ptolemaic monarchy." After breakfast, our Tour Guide will pick you up and take you there in an air-conditioned vehicle. It was built as part of the Roman Empire in Egypt's biggest memorial column in the name of Emperor Diocletian.

In Alexandria, the biggest mosque is called Abu Al-Abbas Al-Mursi. It boasts an ornate tower, carvings in the shape of arabesques, four large domes, and a cream-colored façade. It is located in the Anfoushi district of Alexandria, not far from the Citadel of Qaitbay.

The Roman Amphitheatre, also known as Kom el-Dikka, serves as the last stop on our tour of Alexandria. A sizable Roman theatre and residential complex may be found right in the middle of Alexandria. The only Roman amphitheatre that is known to remain in Egypt has thirteen terraces and is remarkably well-preserved. It was built in the manner of the classical Greeks.

Explore the historic area of Alexandria to view contemporary buildings like the Alexander the Great monument and the Alexandrian Unknown Soldier.

After that, you'll be driven back to your lodging by our tour guide.

Meet your tour guide after breakfast, then travel to El-Alamein. Start by visiting the El Alamein War Museum to learn everything there is to know about the tragic Western Desert operations. You may see the equipment and clothes worn by the troops here. Prior to arriving at the Eagle Marsa Matrouh hotel for the night

In a modern, air-conditioned car, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel in Marsa Matrouh and transport you to Siwa, where you will check in and spend the night at the Siwa Tazeri hotel.

Explore the Old City of Siwa after breakfast ( Shali). The Alexander Temple, which is devoted to the God Amon-26 Dynasty, is located in Aghurmi Village and may be seen after visiting Um Ubeyda to see the Amun Ra Temple. next proceed to Cleopatra Spring (Ei Guba). Finish your holiday by going to the Siwa House Museum. The mesmerising sunset views that are referenced in many travel guides may be seen on Fitnas Island in the afternoon. Stay the night in Siwa.

We leave for Maraki Village after breakfast to start our trek over the Siwa Desert. Cross the desert to Great Siwa Mountain for a breathtaking archaeological landmark, where the first human imprint on the mountain dates back to antiquity. We will continue along the dunes on our safari expedition until we arrive at the fossil region, where we will see the stony coral reefs from the Cambrian era. Then, proceed to Shaiata Lake, one of the spring-fed lakes in the desert, where you may see Flamenco birds, have a calming springtime bath, and enjoy the tranquil atmosphere. There is yet another chance to delight in desert sand surfing. After that, we'll visit (Bir Wahid) spring, another hot spring, to relax.

After breakfast at the hotel, visit the tombs atop the Mountain of the Dead (Gabal El Maouta). There are a number of intriguing tombs there, such as those of MSW Isis, SI Amon, and the Crocodile Tomb. You may proceed to the Dakrour Mountains after viewing the Roman Spring Eye and Abu Sherouf, one of the Siwan Villages. You may see Bedouin culture there. into your hotel room.
We have dinner and spend the night in Siwa.

Your tour guide will transport you to your Alexandria hotel for the night after breakfast. The Alexandria Museum, the first museum in the nation and home to more than 200,000 objects, will be our next stop. The museum's collection spans all periods of Egyptian history, from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Empire.

Then, after stopping for lunch at a close-by restaurant, we'll go to Alexandria's The Jewelry Museum, which has a collection of more than 30,000 pieces of jewellery. The museum's collection of jewellery includes pieces from every period of Egyptian history, from the Old Kingdom to the Roman Empire. We'll return you to your hotel so you can sleep there.

today marks the conclusion of our visit to Egypt. For our journey home, we'll travel to the Cairo airport and bring our memories of a very spectacular Christmas holiday.

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Marsa Matrouh located on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea, about 290 km west of Alexandria and 524 km from Cairo, and Marsa Matrouh considered its way to the Siwa Oasis and its highlights such as Dakrour Mountain, Cleo...

Al-Moez Ldin Allah Al Fatmi was ruled from 953 until 975. He is the fourth Fatimid caliph in Tunisia, and the first Fatimid caliph in Egypt ruled Egypt for a period of three years from 972AD/362AH. He was born in Mahdia,...

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Yes, there are several other notable attractions in the vicinity of the Giza Pyramids. The Great Sphinx, a majestic statue with the head of a human and the body of a lion, is located nearby. Additionally, the Solar Boat Museum displays a reconstructed ancient Egyptian boat that was buried near the pyramids.


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