Ben Ezra Synagogue

 Ben Ezra Synagogue | Egypt Travel Guide

The Synagogue of Ben Ezra is located in Coptic Cairo, one of the oldest visited Synagogues during Cairo Day Tours. Generally the synagogue is described as "A prayer place for the Jews.", it means in old Greek: "The usual place where the Jews assemble to receive religious teachings and to worship." most of these Temples were built close to a source of water, as for protection from any attack, not just for ablution and living.


The Synagogue of Ben Ezra in Cairo was named El-Shamieen Church, and is now situated behind the "Hanging church of Holy Virgin Mary".

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The Synagogue once had an old copy of the Old Testament, and it was said that Ezra the Prophet (Al-Azir) had written it. Yet, It is believed that the site of the Synagogue is where the box of Baby 'Moses' was found.


Ben Ezra Synagogue was a Christian church on which the Copts had to sell to the Jews in 882A.D in order to pay the annual taxes imposed by the Muslim rulers at that time, and therefore Abraham Ben Ezra, who came from Jerusalem during the reign of the Muslim ruler 'Ahmed Ibn Tulun', bought the church for 20,000 dinars.


The Synagogue received extensive restorations and renovations through the centuries. But the current building dates back to 1892 after the original collapse.


It is built in the shape of a basilica (rectangle), consisting of 2 floors; the 1st dedicated to the men while the 2nd is dedicated to the women. The entrance is situated on the north side.