The Egyptian Opera House

One of Egypt's most significant cultural lights is the Egyptian Opera House, also known as the National Cultural Centre. Since its inception in 1988, it has provided art and various artistic practises at symbolic prices.

The Egyptian Opera House

In the heart of the complex stands the new Cairo Opera House, which boasts interesting music and ballet programs enhanced by frequent visits by international artists such as the Bolshoi Ballet.
Located on the other side of the park, the Museum of Modern Art displays the works of Egyptian artists since 1908. Among them, Mahmoud Said deserves greater recognition than he is attributed to, whose use of warm and bright colors and the choice to portray the humble but intense human dignity (peasants) recalls the work of the Mexican artist.

Inside the complex, there are two other high galleries: the Nile Gallery and the (Hanager) Gallery, which host itinerant contemporary art exhibitions.

Among the most popular performances that are taking place usually inside the Opera Hous in Cairo is the Orchestra of the world musician Omar Khairat, and also Oriental nights shows that present the best Arabian and Egyptian singers are the most booked events, as the Egyptian is very well-sticked to his classic songs and schools of art.


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