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Imam Hussein mosque | Masjid Hussein Egypt | Hussaini Masjid

  • 05 16, 2023

Imam Hussein mosque 

Al Hussein Mosque – One of the Holiest Islamic Sites in Cairo, Egypt


Imam Hussein Mosque, is an ancient mosque situated in Cairo, Egypt, in an area known as Old Cairo or Islamic Cairo, only a short distance from downtown Cairo, near Khan al-Khalili. The Al-Hussein Mosque is one of Cairo's leading Islamic sacred sites.

Khan El Khalili

Khan El Khalili


Masjid Hussein Egypt 

Built in 1154 at the time of the Fatimid Caliphate. Several historical mosques, and the famous Khan el-Khalili Bazaar, where merchants have been selling their wares since the 14th century, are among the area's most prominent attractions. For example, there are many important things in the Mosque, including the oldest copy of the Holy Quran.

Description of the mosque

The Husseini Mosque is built in Gothic style with red pillars and Ottoman minarets in minaret style. They are shaped cylindrical and have 2 rounds and cone ends. On the western side of the scene are three doors; on the tribal side there is a door, and on the seaside, there is a plate where there are ablutions.

The mosque consists of five rows of arches, carrying columns of marble, and its nicely decorated feature is fine scrap, whose small pieces have been made of ceramic color instead of marble. Next to it is a pulpit, built in the wooden area of 1311 HA / 1893 AD, which is adjacent to two doors to the Dome and a second leading to the washroom.

The largest candlestick in the Arab world is inside the mosque, weighing up to five tonnes of crystal decorated with pure gold and with pure silver columns.

Hussein is the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib. He was born in Hijra in Medina in the fourth year and grew up in prophecy. He and his family declared the place of the head of Hussein at the Hussein shrine in Cairo when he was brought from Ashkelon in 1154 A.D. on the day of Ashur in 61 H.D. and opinions were different about its place of residence.

Hussaini Masjid

Six cities have been named "Damascus – Al Raqqa – Ashkelon, Cairo – Carbals – Medina," as Ras al-Hussein is buried there.

The Husseini scene was set up in 549 AH to move Al-Hussain ibn Ali ibn Abi Talib's head and nothing is left of this now except the Bab door. In the late Ayyubid period, the minaret above the portal was built in 634 H., and only the square base remained.

Prince Abdul-Rahman renewed Ktkhda above the minaret, renovated the scene, and the dome was built at the mausoleum in 1175, adorning this dome with colorful gilded carvings from within.

When Khedive Ismail assumed power in Egypt he ordered the mosque to be renewed and expanded, which lasted ten years until its completion in 1290 except for the minaret completed in 1295 AH.

One of those that was most noticeable in the Hussaini scene is a pretty wooden sarcophagus in a room below the coffee hall, located in the middle of the dome.

King Farouk, I ordered the cathedral floor to be separated and furnished with marble in 1939 A.D., thus making the most of this opportunity to verify its existence, the Ministry of Preservation of Antiquities retrieved and reparated this cup and then transferred this cupboard to the Arab Antiquities House, when found and examined.

It is made of teak wood imported from the Eastern Indians on three sides. The faces and sides are divided into rectangles around it, separating them with Cufic lines and ornamented copies. The frames are graved. These rectangles are grouped into geometric forms, with inserts decorated in different shapes and positions with delicate plant motifs.

Good to Know

Like in all mosques, people wanting to visit the Al Hussein Mosque should dress properly/conservatively and women should also cover their hair with a headscarf as a sign of respect.

Visiting the Mosque of Al Hussein

Although a visit to this mosque is included in some of our Cairo tour packages, it is not included in all of them. However, we can include it in any itinerary of your choosing.

There are interesting things to learn about how the Egyptians celebrated their Funeral Traditions In Ancient Egypt. Some people went to Egypt and studied these traditions to find out more...



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You have to visit the El Hussien area to visit the Hussien mosque, Khan El Khalili and also you can visit the El Azhar mosque which it is very close to the area. 


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