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  • Rif Mountains

    Rif Mountains

    The Rif Mountains, also known as Jebel al-Rif, is a mountain range located in northern Morocco, running parallel to the Mediterranean coast. Known for its stunning natural beauty, the Rif Mountains offer breathtaking views, lush green valleys, and picturesque villages. The region is also rich in biodiversity, with a variety of plant and animal species.

  • Volubilis


    Discover the ancient Roman city of Volubilis near Meknes, Morocco, a UNESCO World Heritage site with remarkably preserved ruins. Explore its well-preserved remains, including a triumphal arch and stunning mosaics. Walk through ancient streets and grand villas.

  • Essaouira


    Explore the historic medina, and relax on the stunning beaches of Essaouira. This coastal city is a beloved destination for travelers seeking a blend of culture, relaxation, and natural beauty. Discover the charm of Essaouira as you wander through its winding streets,

  • Fes


    Experience the rich traditions of Fes, indulge in delicious Moroccan cuisine, and immerse yourself in the warm hospitality of its people. Fes is a city that will enchant you with its timeless charm and captivating allure.

  • Dades Valley

    Dades Valley

    The Dades Valley captivates nature lovers and hikers with its breathtaking rock formations and dramatic landscapes. Explore this enchanting destination renowned for its stunning beauty and immerse yourself in its natural wonders.

  • Sahara Desert

    Sahara Desert

    Experience the Sahara desert adventure as you ride camels over golden dunes and spend a magical night under the stars in a traditional Berber camp. Discover the beauty of the desert, immerse yourself in Berber culture, and create unforgettable memories in this enchanting experience.

  • 05 16, 2023

Mahmoud Mokhtar museum consists of 2 floors, containing eight rooms, and his tomb. 

when you start your tour of the museum you will begin at the museum entrance but we have to mention that the great Egyptian architect Ramses Wissa Wassef designed the Mahmoud Mokhtar museum.

the hall of khamaseen hot and dusty wind that blows between winter and early spring. In this hall, Mokhtar represented this wind's effects on peasants through his sculptures.
the main space is saad Zaghloul space World Health Organization was an excellent Egyptian revolutionary and leader World Health Organization greatly impressed our sculptor Mahmoud Mokhtar. the full hall presents artworks dedicated to Saad Zghalool. as an example, there's the bronze maquette of Zaghloul that later became a sculpture. Another sculpture of the leader is additionally standing within the hall and is additionally created out of bronze.

then there's the hall of famed figures that contains the heads of famed figures principally political and inventive ones. a number of the statues are given to embrace the top of Ali Abraham and Head of Adli Yeken and therefore the Head of the creative person port. several of those items were created out of bronze and sculptured between 1927 and 1929.

room of reliefs that have sculptured reliefs.

and additionally, the hall of Jar Bearers is crammed with real peasant scenes and even additional real sculptures, this hall is actually exquisite. one of all the gorgeous sculptures is “The Cheese Seller”.  A stone-made piece of a peasant lady carrying a bowl of cheese.

Being deeply rapt by the 1919 revolution in Egypt against the British occupation. additionally being obsessed with the splendid history of ancient Egypt and conformation the village culture, affected his works of art., for example, the sculpture of the “Egyptian Renaissance” or “Nahdet Masr” sculpture in Nahda sq. in urban center. This ninety-year recent masterpiece depicts a typical Egyptian peasant lady standing tall wherever her manus rests on the top of a proud sphinx. On one hand, the girl unveiling her face represents Egypt’s post-revolution revival. On the opposite hand, her companion, the Sphinx recollects the greatness of Egypt’s history. Overall, the sculpture celebrates Egypt’s superb past whereas trying ahead in the long run.

the great sphinx of Giza

The great sphinx of Giza


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The best way to enjoy the Mahmoud Mokhtar Museum is to take your time and thoroughly examine each sculpture, paying attention to the finer points, the materials used, and the artistic methods utilized by Mahmoud Mokhtar. You should also think about the expressions, stances, and symbolism that each sculpture conveys.


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