Abu Sir | Abu Sir Egypt

Abu Sir is a historic site within Giza, comprising a "city of tombs," a number of pyramids, a mastaba and other monuments. It belongs to Center Badrasheen.

Abu Sir Egypt

Abu Sir is located on the western bank of the Nile River, 25kilometers  southwest of Cairo. It is a part of the necropolis of ancient Memphis have a pyramid of the fifth Dynasty, a sun temple, and a number of mastaba tombs and the Late Period. It  extends from north of Giza to below Saqqara

 They built the sun temple Nekhen-Re and Hatshepsut. And in there have many pyramids. Sahara was the first to build himself a pyramid complex in Abu sir his pyramid is smaller than those of the fourth dynasty pyramids.

The funerary monument of Sahara is the most complete of the four royal burials at Abusir, consisting of a valley temple, causeway, mortuary temple, and pyramid, The grand portico of the mortuary temple gave access to a large courtyard with a well-preserved basalt-paved floor and a colonnade consisting of sixteen red granite palm columns. The last one is destroyed.

The remains made limestone walls, with  fine painted decoration, have been transferred to the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. 

The mortuary temple have an ed granite was used for the palm columns that stood in an open court; walls orwhite limestone was decorated with carved decoration scenes,  it showed mythical scenes of the ruler victorious in battle against Egypt's traditional enemies: hunting scenes; and ships.

 Beyond the colonnade was a group of storerooms surrounded the statue chamber, the king statues stood in niches, behind the pyramid was the sanctuary with its alabaster altar.

 The Sahure's valley temple linked to  the Nile by a canal by causeway. A causeway led to the mortuary temple.

Neferirkara’s Pyramid 

The pyramid complex of Neferirkara, This pyramid was changed in the construction from a stepped into a true pyramid. It is a height to  74 meters. But The casing was left unfinished. becouse of a  result of the ruler's premature death, temple was constructed of mud bricks and wood by his sons.

 Neferefre’s Pyramid:-

Neferirkare the eldest son Neferefre ruled for 2 years, His unfinished pyramid, and it  changed into a mastaba and in the eastern side added mortuary temple was built of mud bricks. 

 Newoserre’s Pyramid:-

It was the northeastern corner of the pyramid of Neferirkare, The open courtyard of the mortuary temple was decorated  with Papyrus-form columns  of red granite with relief decoration.


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