20-Day Egypt Tour Package

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The 20-Day Tour Package from Egypt Christmas Tours will be an amazing journey through the ancient wonders and modern marvels of Egypt with our meticulously crafted Egypt tours. There are so many great sights to see on this Egypt travel package, including the Great Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx. Our Egypt tour packages are favorites for any visitor to this fascinating country!

20-Day Egypt Itinerary

Egypt is a great place to visit during the Christmas holidays. The weather is mild and there are fewer tourists, making it a great time to explore the many ancient sites and ruins in the country. This package includes airfare, hotel accommodations, and all meals. It also includes guided tours of all the major attractions, such as the Great Pyramids, the Sphinx, and the Valley of the Kings. If you're looking for the perfect gift for a special someone, a 20-day Egypt tour package is the perfect choice!

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  • Transportation to and from mentioned sites in a modern, air-conditioned luxury vehicle.
  • professional English-speaking guide.
  • Entrance fees to our tour sites.
  • Bottled water during your trip.
  • All transfers are in Cairo, Luxor, and Aswan.
  • All your tours and excursions are by an A/C vehicle.
  • Domestic airfare: Cairo/ Luxor & Aswan / Marsa Allam and Cairo.
  • 7 days accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel on a bed and breakfast basis.
  • 2 days hotel accommodation in Luxor on a bed and breakfast basis.
  • 5 days on Cruise board (Luxor & Aswan) full board (Sightseeing is included).
  • 5 days hotel accommodation in Marsa Allam on a bed and breakfast basis.
  • international flight tickets.
  • Entry visa to Egypt.
  • Beverage during meals.
  • Tipping .
  • Optional tours

Upon your arrival at Cairo International Airport, our tour guide will greet and help you. Using a private, air-conditioned car to take you to your hotel, there is no cost for evening accommodations and, depending on your arrival, you may stay the night at the hotel. You may call us to recommend a trip if your flight arrives in Cairo or if you have an early flight there.

After breakfast, your day trip will begin when our tour guide picks you up from your hotel. Your first stop will be the Cheops, Chephren, and Mykerinus Pyramids. Before reaching the Great Sphinx, the trip will also stop at the Valley Temple, which is part of the Pyramids of Chephren.

We'll visit the Egyptian Museum to see some of the most valuable art from the paranoid era. In addition to items stored in Tutankhamen's tomb for more than 3,500 years, the museum's impressive collection from 5000 years ago is on display.

after breakfast, our tour guide picks you up from your hotel, first, we'll be taking a tour of Sakkara, one of the most important archaeological sites in Egypt. Sakkara was the necropolis of Memphis, the capital of Ancient Egypt. It was here that the Pharaohs were buried, along with their families and courtiers. The site is huge, and there's a lot to see. We'll start with the Step Pyramid of zoser, which is the oldest pyramid in Egypt. It was built in the 27th century BC and is an incredible feat of engineering.

Next, we'll see the Pyramid of Teti, which was built for the Sixth Dynasty Pharaoh Teti. This pyramid is much smaller than the Step Pyramid but is still impressive. We'll also see the tomb of Queen Nefertari, one of the most beautiful tombs in the Valley of the Queens.

After that, we'll head to the Red Pyramid, which is the largest of the three major pyramids at Sakkara. It's made of red limestone and is an amazing sight. Finally, we'll visit the Pyramids of Unas and Userkaf, which are the last of the major pyramids at Sakkara. This is just a taste of what Sakkara has to offer. There are many more tombs and pyramids to explore, and we hope you'll come back to see them all!

after breakfast, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel to start our trip, The Salah El Din Citadel, which Salah El Din constructed in 1183 AD to defend Cairo from the Crusader army on the Moqattam hills, will be the first place you may go. Visit the Mohamed Ali Alabaster Mosque, which was created for Egypt's long-reigning Mohamed Ali, after that.

then, we will take a horse-drawn carriage ride through the city. This is a great way to see the sights and sounds of the city and to get a feel for the pace of life in Cairo. next, we will take a walking tour. This is a great way to explore the city at your own pace and to really take in the sights and sounds of the city.

After breakfast, we will enjoy a peaceful felucca cruise down the River Nile during Egypt Nile cruise, where you may take in the beautiful view of Cairo at night or, if you'd like, the warm sun or the sunset. After that, you may begin your buying, and on January 25, a midnight journey to Cairo took place.

You can stop to take a picture of the Nile. After that, we'll go shopping at Khan el-Khalili and tour the mosques of El-Azhar and El-Hussien. Going back to the hotel in Cairo for the night

After breakfast, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel we begin our Alexandria day tours, There are so many Alexandria Attractions, and a tour from Cairo is the perfect way to see it all. Your tour will start with a drive to Alexandria, where you'll see the famous Library of Alexandria. Built in the 3rd century BC, the Library of Alexandria was once the largest library in the world. Today, it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

After the Library of Alexandria, you'll visit the Citadel of Qaitbay. This 15th-century fortress is one of the most well-preserved fortresses in Egypt. From the Citadel, you'll have a stunning view of the city and the Mediterranean Sea.

Next, you'll head to Montaza Palace. This beautiful palace was built in 1892 as a summer residence for the Khedive of Egypt. It is a public park with gardens, fountains, and a beach. After the Montaza Palace, you'll visit the Catacombs of Kom el-Shoqafa. These ancient catacombs date back to the 2nd century AD and are a must-see for any history lover. Finally, you'll end your tour with a visit to Pompey's Pillar. This Roman column is one of the tallest in Egypt and is a symbol of Alexandria's Roman history. Your tour from Cairo to Alexandria will be an unforgettable experience. You'll get to see some of the most famous sights in Egypt, and learn about the rich history of this great city.

after breakfast,To begin your new adventure from the Cairo airport, our tour guide will pick you up from your hotel. We will fly to Luxor, a historic city where King Tutankhamun is buried in a magnificent tomb. When we get to Luxor City, our tour guide will meet you there and transport you to your hotel, the Steigenberger Nile Palace, where you may spend your first night in Luxor and recover.

A hot balloon ride after breakfast is the best way to make your time in Luxor special. Gently traversing the Valley of the kings, Queen's Valley, and the Nobles Mountain. The flight lasts around 30:45 minutes, depending on the weather.

When you arrive in Luxor, our tour guide will welcome you and drive you in a private air-conditioned vehicle to your boat ( obelisk Aswan or similar- royal adventure or similar ). After lunch on board, the tour begins with a visit to the Karnak temple, which once stood as one of the largest religious structures in the world. It is also home to some of Egypt's most exquisite monuments and sculptures, particularly those of Ramses II.

After departing Karnak, our next stop will be The Luxor Temple. Here you may see two of Egypt's most famous treasures, the Colossi of Amenhotep III and King Tutankhamun's tomb. After that, you'll be taken to your Nile cruise so you may rest and eat

a fantastic breakfast. Tombs of The Valley of The Kings at Luxor, one of Egypt's most magnificent ancient tombs, will be our next site. Our next journey will take us to the Deir El Bahari temple. On the way back to the boat, we'll make a stop at the Colossi of Memnon. We'll return to you on your Nile cruise after that.

following breakfast. we will pick you up from the Nile cruise the Kom Ombo Temple which along with the village site nearby, is 40 kilometers north of Aswan. It was built mostly during the Ptolemaic and Roman eras and was devoted to the gods Sobek and Horus (332 B.b -395 A.c)

Finally, you will be returned to your Nile cruise ship where you may relax. In the evening, you will enjoy an Egyptian folklore show.

After breakfast, we will first see the High Dam before moving on to the half finished obelisk. The Temple of Philae, our last site for the day, will be reached by a tiny motorboat. Later, return to your cruise ship for supper, a folklore show, and the night.

After breakfast, we will transfer to Abu Simbel temples, which was dedicated to Ramses the Second, Ra-Harakhty, Amun Ra, and Ptah and featured four colossal statues, and the Second Temple, which was dedicated to The Queen Nefertari and Goddess Hathor, were both carved out of the mountain on the west bank of the Nile between 1274 and 1244 B.C. The two temples were dismantled stone by stone and rebuilt on higher ground. The biggest accomplishment of Unesco must be the preservation of the two temples at Abu Simbel. Then we return you to your cruise ship to spend the night and relax onboard.

Our tour guide picks you up at Marsa Allam in the morning via air-conditioned vehicle or via aircraft. Our tour guide will greet you when we get to your hotel, the Hilton Nubia or a comparable establishment and assist you with checking in and relaxing before the nighttime trip to Marsa Allam.

We took a tour of the city, and our tour guide will be waiting for you there to start the day. We also went to the mosque and the bazaar, where I bought some trinkets. We also saw the city's antiquity. The history of the city and the ruins astounded me. After that, have lunch at a nearby restaurant before we transport you back to your hotel.

We're going on a boat excursion after breakfast. We're going to snorkel and view some incredible fish. We visit a neighbouring island as well, where we find further ruins. You'll love the boat ride, I can assure you of that. We'll then take you back to your hotel.

After breakfast in the early morning at your hotel, the day will be spent relaxing and admiring the beauty of the Red Sea and the wonderful atmosphere of the lovely city of Marsa Allam.

While enjoying breakfast at the Marsa Allam hotel, continue your Marsa alam day tours. After that, you may spend the day anyway you choose or take part in one of the city's day tours or excursions. In Marsa Allam, spend the night in a hotel.

Our tour guide meets you at your hotel in Marsa Allam, gets you up to the Cairo airport in a modern and air-conditioned car or plane to your hotel in Cairo, and spends the day on your way.

Enjoy your breakfast on the final day of your Egypt tour before being driven to Cairo International Airport to catch your journey home.

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