Beni Suef Governorate Egypt | Beni Suef Governorate Attractions

Beni Suef governorate is found right within the center of Egypt. This busy region encompasses a population of quite two,000 per sq. kilometer. Beni Suef is that the capital and also the main town of this governorate

Beni Suef was ab initio a little village that gently expanded and eventually changed into a prosperous town. It's placed solely 115km south of Cairo. because of Beni Suef's rural origin, it's still called a vital agricultural center. The manufacture of linen, cotton-spinning, and carpet-weaving have conjointly been major industries of this town for hundreds of years. However, with the increase of its population, several new industries are thriving in Beni Sueif. There are unit quarries within the close hills and therefore the manufacture of alabaster has become associated with the progressively massive business of the Beni Suef space. In spite of the new desert climate of this town, tourists throng there throughout the year to visualize the varied fascinating sights and attractions.

Medium Pyramid
This ancient pyramid advanced has been excavated at totally different times by numerous different Egyptologists (archaeologists specializing in ancient Egypt). it's believed that the Meidum Pyramid was made for swayer Huni, the last ruler of the Third kinsfolk. This pyramid has associate uncommon form, which is believed to be the result of 2 unplanned expansions. The distinctive form is additionally the explanation that this pyramid is additionally called ‘el-haram el-kaddaab’, which implies ‘Pseudo Pyramid.’ once the collapse of the foremost of this pyramid advanced, there's currently solely an outsized pyramid and a couple of mud-built Mastabas left for tourists to envision out.

A mastabah may be a flat-roofed, rectangular building, product of mud bricks, and its outward walls were inbuilt a sloping vogue. Mastabas were burial structures for distinguished ancient Egyptians who weren't royalty. curiously, within the Meidum Pyramid advanced some mastabas seem to be left unused and burial sites couldn't be found in these structures. In fact, this total Meidum Pyramid is incomplete, with partially polished walls within the sepulcher, an associated unfinished mortuary temple, and a missing natural depression temple. This has intrigued historians, Egyptologists, and tourists for several years.

Faiyum Oasis
This city is found one in every of the desert depressions of the Nile natural depression, that is fed by a channel from the Nile River. it's located terribly near Beni Sueif town and is noteworthy for the wealthy cultivation of figs, grapes, olives, and exquisite roses of terribly prime quality. The cultivation of cotton and several other types of cereal is created easier currently, because of the presence of the Assouan Low Dam. Lake Moeris or Birket Qarun (as proverbial within the native dialect) may be a massive supplier of giant quantities of seawater fishes, together with bulti or fish genus.

Large Mansions within the town
Tourists wish to visit many vast mansions in Beni Suef, that area unit fun to explore and area unit samples of classical Egyptian design. the foremost illustrious villa is Ismail Mansion, which is owned by General Ahmed Mamdouh Ismail.


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