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  • Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat - Red Sea Mountain

    Gabal Shayeb Al Banat, also known as Mount Shayeb Al Banat, is a stunning mountain located in the Eastern Desert of Egypt. The mountain holds cultural significance and attracts visitors seeking natural beauty and captivating folklore.

  • Mummification Museum

    Mummification Museum

    The Mummification Museum is a unique and captivating destination that offers visitors an extraordinary glimpse into the ancient Egyptian art of mummification. It houses a vast collection of well-preserved mummies, artifacts, and interactive exhibits.

  • Sphinx in White Desert - White Chalk Formations

    Sphinx in White Desert - White Chalk Formations

    The Sphinx in White Desert is a stunning natural rock formation located in the White Desert of Egypt. Resembling the mythical creature from ancient Egyptian lore, this mesmerizing structure stands tall amidst the surreal landscape.

  • The English House in Egypt - An Oasis Relic of War and Revolution

    The English House in Egypt - An Oasis Relic of War and Revolution

    The English House in Egypt is a historical landmark that stands as a captivating relic of the region's tumultuous past, reflecting the impact of war and revolution on the oasis. Nestled amidst the Egyptian desert, this architectural gem holds a significant place in history.

  • Best National Parks In Egypt

    Best National Parks In Egypt To Witness The Wild Side Of The Country!

    It is common knowledge that Egypt has a warm climate and desert landscapes, but less is known about the national parks and natural reserves, which make up over 12% of the country's total geographical area. Egypt has over 30 national parks, each home to a variety of plants and animals, some of which are indigenous to Egypt and are only found there. The National Parks are popular destinations for the people of Cairo, the capital city, who come for a breath of fresh air away from the bustle of city life. The country's national parks and wildlife reserves, which draw visitors from all over the world, are one of Egypt's top tourism destinations.

  • list of lakes in egypt

    Relax And Unwind At The Lakeside In The Land Of Pyramids

    People who prefer peace and tranquilly would undoubtedly enjoy spending time by themselves amid Egypt's natural beauty close to the lakes. Nature does provide one with a lot of privacy because of the tranquil waterways and the chirping birds. In fact, it's a wonderful location for self-reflection and rejuvenation while taking in the natural splendour.

  • 05 16, 2023

The competition of Eid al-Fitr, the competition of fast, is a very important holy day celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the top of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fast. the vacation celebrates the conclusion of the twenty-nine or thirty days of dawn-to-sunset fast throughout the whole month of Ramadan.

As the date of Eid depends on the observation of the moon, there are also variations within the precise date that's celebrated around the world. The announcement of the precise dates of Eid Al-Fitr might not happen till near the beginning of Ramadan.
Muslims celebrate Eid Al-Fitr with prayers referred to as "Salat Al Eid" in Arabic. there's no sounding decision to pray for the Eid prayers. Muslims can furl mosques or open areas and supply 2 units of prayer – referred to as "Rakat". The prayers are followed by a sermon, during which the Muhammadan asks for forgiveness, mercy, and peace for each being across the planet.

It's a tradition to wear new garments and on the thanks to the musjid, eat one thing sweet like a date, and recite a tiny low prayer referred to as a Takbeer.

Other key components of the Eid celebrations are giving cash to the poor (known as 'Zakat al-Fitr', the number depending on the possessions somebody has), causing Eid greetings, and eating with families.

For many Muslims, Eid al-Fitr may be a competition to point out feeling to God for the assistance and strength he gave them throughout the month of Ramadan to assist them to follow self-control.

The phrase normally employed by Muslims as an acknowledgment in this day and age is “Eid Mubarak”, which is Arabic for 'blessed festival'. the right response to Eid Hosni Mubarak is "Khair Mubarak", which desires goodness on the one who has greeted you.

The first Eid al-Fitr was celebrated in 624 Ce by the Prophet Muhammad and his companions when they ended within the battle of Jang-e-Badar, a turning purpose in Muhammad's struggle along with his opponents among the Quraish in Mecca throughout the youth of Islam.

Eid al-Fitr may additionally be referred to as 'Feast of the Lesser Bairam, Bairam being a Turkic word for vacation. it should appear odd that the word lesser is employed for such a widely celebrated competition, the explanation is that the 'Greater Bairam' is Eid al-Adha, the opposite of nice Islamic competition that is seen because the holier of the 2.


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Eid al-Fitr, also known as the "Festival of Breaking the Fast," is one of the most important Islamic holidays celebrated by Muslims around the world. It marks the end of Ramadan, a month of fasting and spiritual reflection. The activities and traditions during Eid al-Fitr may vary depending on cultural and regional differences, but here are some of the common and best activities to do during this festive occasion:

Performing the Eid Prayer: Muslims start the day by performing a special communal prayer known as the "Eid Salah" at a mosque or prayer ground. It is a significant religious activity that marks the beginning of the celebrations.

Giving Zakat al-Fitr: Before the Eid prayer, Muslims are required to give a charitable donation known as "Zakat al-Fitr" or "Fitrah" to help those in need. This is typically given to the less fortunate to ensure they can also participate in the festivities.

Exchanging Eid Greetings: Families and friends exchange greetings and well-wishes for a blessed Eid. Common greetings include "Eid Mubarak" (Blessed Eid) and "Eid Sa'id" (Happy Eid).

Dressing in Fine Clothes: It is customary to wear new or special clothes for Eid. Many people choose to dress in their finest attire to mark the occasion.

Sharing Meals: Eid is a time for family and friends to come together and enjoy special festive meals. Traditional dishes may vary by region but often include sweet and savory dishes.

Eid Breakfast: On the morning of Eid, families typically enjoy a special breakfast with a variety of traditional and favorite foods. Dates and sweets are often included.

Visiting Relatives and Friends: It is common to visit the homes of relatives, friends, and neighbors to exchange greetings and gifts and celebrate together. This visiting tradition is known as "Eid open houses."

Giving Gifts: Giving and receiving gifts, especially to children, is a common practice during Eid. It's a way to express love and joy during the celebration.


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