Gabal al-Tayr

This Christian church stands on the east bank of the river some forty kilometers north of the Minya Bridge in Middle Egypt and simply east of the town of Samalut. One might cross the river from Bayahu to Gabal al-Tayr by sailing ship boat, although there's no regular service and it's going to take up high 2 hours for the crossing looking on the wind. once reaching the east bank of the river one should climb 166 steps up a drop to succeed in the church. The building sit among the dwellings of Gabal al-Tayr, on high of a rock from that one features a howling read of the river natural depression with its rigorously cultivated fields and plush palm groves.

the Holy Family visited Gabal al-Tayr (Mountain of the Birds in Arabic) on the East bank of the river. the situation is thus named due to the migratory birds resting on its high. it's additionally known as Gabal al-Kaff or Mountain of the Palm. Such language is attributed to the tradition that once the Holy Family came here, a Pharaonic temple stood in the place wherever the church erects nowadays. The idols of the temple folded within the presence of true God, fulfilling the prophecy of Isaiah 19:1. Consequently, the pagan monks turned angry and meant to penalize. that the very little Jesus of Nazareth place his hand on the mountain, therefore left the imprint of his palm,  and split it in 2 to possess a cleavage for the Holy Family to cover from the angry monks. alternative tradition says that Jesus of Nazareth protected the Holy Family from a stone falling upon them and consequently left his handprint.

Hewn out of the mountain aspect, the unembellished however elegant church overlooks the banks of the river from a steep drop. it had been supposed to possess been designed by the Queen capital of Montana around a cave that when secured by the Holy Family. However, the alleged holy cave looks to be even younger than the church itself. Thus, it might be anachronous to impose the Holy Family Tradition on the alleged “holy cave”.

From on top of the mountain, you definitely have an impressive read of the river and its fascinating inexperienced natural depression. The church is one of all Egypt’s most vital journey sites. near the church are guest homes that are utilized by pilgrims throughout the church’s celebrations.

A few years agone pilgrims knew the go-to tree many kilometers south of Gabal al-Tayr. Tradition says there was a tree bowing right down to worship the Holy Family throughout their sojourn in Egypt. However, sadly the tree was abated by squatters in the Gregorian calendar month of 2001, for they feared that the increasing interest in the tree might end in authorities pushing them off the land of their own.

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