Monufia Governorate Egypt | Monufia Governorate History

Monufia is settled in the north of Egypt, around the Nile River Delta. It lies to the north of Cairo and to the south of Gharbia, another governorate. The capital of Monufia is Shibin Ei Korun. most cities of the governorate are Sers el-Lyan, Ashmoun, menouf, Bagour, Tala, Quesna.

In 1826, Mahomed Ali transferred the capital from Shibin Al Kawn to Monuf as a result the latter fell specifically within the center of the governorate. apart from Shiblin el-Kawn, the governorate has four different body divisions, which are Asmoun, Menouf, Tala, and Questia. In 1942, Al- Shohada became a brand new dominion and enclosed components from Shiblin-el- Kawn and the Western Samoan monetary unit. In 1947, Bangor was created to incorporate regions from Monuf, Ashmoun, Quesna, and Shibin el-Kawn. In 1955, 5 villages were taken into the Western Samoan monetary unit and decentralized to Tanta.

N 1960, Berket el Sabe’e was established and consists of former cities and villages of the Western Samoan monetary unit. Sers el- Lyan became a town instead of a village once it absolutely was separated from Monuf. In 1991, the Sadat town was annexed to Monufia since it's the sole region west of the Rosette branch. Monufia has the best vote rate of all the governorates, and conjointly the foremost overwhelming support or candidate Monufia is fashionable for the assembly of the crops like wheat, maize, and cotton and conjointly vegetable crops like inexperienced beans and potatoes.

They export quite a bit. Agricultural land gets water from Damietta and Rosetta branches of the Nile River. Agriculture is sometimes the most activity of the population because of Monufia’s fertile land. Monufia government is thought specifically for being the birthplace of 2 Egyptian presidents. The governorate is one of the favorite governorates of many Egyptian individuals. If you need additional data regarding this place, you'll be able to handily search online. you'll establish all regarding the required information and holidaymaker attractions. make certain to settle on a tour possibility and company that suits all of your wants.


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