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Sohag Governorate is one amongst the governorates of Egypt. it's set within the southern part of the country, and covers a stretch of the Nile vale. Since 1960, its capital has been the town of Sohag. before that, the capital was the town of Girga, and also the name of the governorate was Girga Governorate

April ten is the national celebration day of the governorate and it celebrates the triumph of the Egyptian national resistance troops against French Troops in the Battle of Johaina in 1799.


Sohag lies on the western bank of the Nile on a fertile agricultural plain, or so vi kilometers southwest of Akhmim. the town is formed from 2 islands: Karaman-EZ-Zahur Island, which is greater and unpeopled, and EZ-Zahur Island Gazirat az-Zuhur, “Flower Island,” which has some homes


Sohag town has solely many archaeologic sites, and for this reason, touristry represents simply a little slice of the city's financial gain. different sources of financial gain embody varied little industries, trade of carpets, weaving, spinning, furnishings creation, and sugar production. academic and body services area unit many different huge native sources of financial gain furthermore, and a little university employs a variety of local residents.



Sidi Arif masjid is found in the south of Sohag town. it had been inbuilt in the ordinal century (the eighth century of the Muslim calendar). the present building was created around 1995. At the corners of the facade area unit 2 minarets, and therefore the roof is topped by a good-looking dome. at intervals, the masjid, the bases of the piers, and therefore the walls were lined with red granite.



The Church of the Holy Virgin is found close to the north of the market of Souq Qaisariya. it's 5 naves and includes 3 sanctuaries for Saint George (left), the Holy Virgin and therefore the Archangel archangel at the ends of the center 3 naves next to a wood iconostasis. On either side of the entrances to the sanctuaries area unit wood icons of the Holy Virgin and Saviour. The crosses and Lord’s Seder area unit are placed on top of the iconostasis. The altar within the central area is framed by a columbiform bird and a fish and therefore the different area unit is framed by a dove and therefore the angels. Galleries area units are placed on top of the doorway and therefore the aisles. On the walls, there are unit scenes and paintings of saints and therefore the lifetime of the Saviour.

Cemeteries and Temples

The city is the website of a novel temple designed for the immortal Repyt (Triphis) by Ptolemy XV Caesarion and kept by the succeeding Roman emperors. The south of this temple was Associate in the Nursing earlier temple of Ptolemy IX Soter II. one among the tombs near, happiness to the brothers Ibpemeny “the younger” and Pemehyt of the late second century before Christ, has 2 zodiac wheels on the ceiling.

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