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Kafr El sheik Governorate, which was once a part of the Gharbia Governorate, was created in 1949. it absolutely was originally named Fuadiyah in honor of King Fuad I of Egypt. once the 1952 Revolution and therefore the subsequent abolishment of the autarchy, the governorate took the name of its capital town Kafr El sheik. This name, adopted in 1955, means "the village of the chief".

Kafr el-Sheikh governorate's history name pays respect to the Sufi saint tribal sheik Talha Abi aforesaid el-Telmesany, WHO came here from Morocco in 600 AD and settled within the region. Literally speaking, the name means ‘the village of the chief’ within the native Egyptian language. Kafr el-Sheikh contains eleven cities, together with the capital town of Kafr el-Sheikh. This region had been of Brobdingnagian importance since the traditional amount, and also the capital town of territorial division of the traditional amount was set within the Kafr el-Sheikh region.

This fertile Delta land allows large-scale cultivation of wheat, rice, cotton, and beets. Fishing is another necessary occupation and supply of financial gain within the Kafr el-Sheikh region. many industries have flourished here, together with the manufacture of farm products, soaps, and beet sugar. several rice mills and cotton ginning plants are running with success during this governorate because of the large availability of raw materials for these industries. the commercial zones of Baltim and Metoubes are 2 major areas that increase the revenue of this governorate and they systematically draw additional and additional investments into these numerous sectors.

Tourists are extremely inquisitive about visiting this region, because of the presence of el-Borolos Lake, Desook Park, the musjid of Sayeed Talha Abi aforesaid el-Telmesany, the musjid of Sayeed Abraham el-Desooky, Virgin Mary|The Virgin. Mary Church, historical monuments of Sakha Hills and Faraeen Hills, and additionally the residence of the legendary revolutionary leader Saad Zaghloul. Balteem summer resort is additionally a favorite area of many Egyptians, further because of the foreigners.


Notable options of specific Karf el sheik's cities

Kafr el-sheikh governorate

This capital town is found in a territorial division around the Delta region. it's AN industrial town that has several rice mills, sugar beet factories, and a manufacturing plant manufacturing foods for poultry animals. it's additionally the birthplace of many distinguished personalities, together with the primary prime minister of freelance Egypt, Saad Zaghloul; the known Egyptian-American human Ahmed Zewail, and a variety of well-known Egyptian association football players.

This town is primarily called a tourer resort, with pleasantly moderate weather because of the consequences of the winds processing in from the Mediterranean. there's not an outsized variation in summer and winter temperatures, in the middle of quite a low quantity of precipitation, creating it a favorite for Egyptian and foreign tourists. Lake Burullus is another tourist attraction in Baltim town.

This town is the location of many key Islamic shrines together with the place of Saint Abraham El-Desouki, WHO lived here within the thirteenth century. several known Egyptians were born in Desouk additionally, like the known Coptic painter Evelyn Ashamallah and also the noted Egyptian politician Abdel-Salam prophet Nasar.


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