God Bes | God of Childbirth | Ancient Egyptian Dwarf God

Bess is one of the ancient Egyptian deities and was very popular during the New Empire. He is represented by a puffy-cheeked dwarf with a fan-shaped chin to strike terror into the hearts of the wicked. His mention was found abundantly in the Temple of Dandara, and he was worshipped in the Roman era as the Healer who was armed with a shield and sword.

God Bes | God of Childbirth 

God Bes, is the only divinity represented exclusively in frontal perspective, it belonged to one of the minor deities in ancient Egypt most admirable to the popular imagination of the ancient Egyptians.

Bes, a divinity with demonic characteristics, is strangely a family divinity. Bes was a protector of the home and children, particularly linked to the critical phase of birth and the defense against harmful animals. This aspect was probably the most ancient. The natural sphere of action of the god Bes spread his image on a wide range of objects of the daily life of the ancient Egyptians from the headrests, in which he watched over the sleep of the helpless sleepers, to the personal care objects.

Ancient Egyptian Dwarf God

Bes' relations with dance and music were also very close, with which he relieved the angry goddesses. Connections with the solar cycle indicate it as a popular form of the solar god.

Bes is an ancient Egyptian fairy god, a composite being, both deity and satanic warrior. He was a god of war, but also a protector of child delivery and home, and was linked with desire, entertainment, music, and dancing. Although his role originally appears to have been the pharaoh's guard, he increasingly became very famous among common people because he essentially protected women and children. He had no certain cult, so no temples or priests were determined in his name. However, he was one of the most familiar of ancient Egyptians and was usually represented on household items.


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