God Osiris | Egyptian God of the Afterlife and Resurrection

"Osiris", the lord of eternity, the god of the realm of the dead. is symbolized in the form of a man wearing a crown, who is the head of the general trinity. "Osiris-Isis-Hor." He is the chief judge of the Egyptian court of the dead, one of the main ninth sacred gods of the ancient Egyptian religion. He was commissioned as savior of the dead and ruler of the underworld.

Ancient Egyptian Gods

According to the Egyptian religion, Osiris was killed by his evil brother Seth who was the symbol of evil. With deception Seth made Osiris lie down in a chest, which he immediately closed and threw into the Nile. The chest drifted and reached the shores of Lebanon, where it was finally found by Isis who brought it back to Egypt.

Seth, however, managed to seize the chest and split Osiris' body into many parts that he scattered across Egypt. Isis then went in search of the limbs, reassembled the body, and revived Osiris to conceive Horus, who, using his mother's magical powers, defeated Seth and restored the divine order again.

In the book of the dead, there is a drawing of Osiris sitting on a throne in the afterlife with his wife Isis and his sister Nephthys next to him besides his four children around helping him in the judgment of a dead man.
The ancient Egyptian always thought that Osiris makes a simple test for every dead person. He gets his heart out of his body and puts it on one side of the steelyard, and on the other side of it, he would put a feather. If the feather was heavier than the dead person's heart, he would be eaten by Amamut (an animal with the body of a hippo, head of a lion, and a tail of a crocodile) and it would be his final fate as he was not a good person in his life. But if the heart was heavier than the feather, the dead person wears very silky clothes and goes to the garden (heaven) because he was a good person in his earlier life.

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