Escape to Egypt: An Unforgettable Budget Tour to Cairo, White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis

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Budget tour to Cairo, White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis.

Exploring the fantastic sights of Egypt is a dream come true for many travelers. From the ancient pyramids of Giza to the mysterious White Desert, Egypt's wonders are sure to leave you in awe. And with a budget tour to Cairo, the White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis, you can experience it all without breaking the bank.

Are you looking for an Egypt budget tour of Cairo, the White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis? Look no further! These three awe-inspiring destinations make up the perfect Egyptian getaway. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or just looking for a unique vacation, this tour packs a lot of adventure in a very affordable package.

Egypt travel packages to Cairo, the White Desert, and Bahariya Oasis an unforgettable experiences that you can afford. From the ancient wonders of Cairo to the beauty of the White Desert and the tranquility of the Bahariya Oasis, you’ll never forget this amazing journey with our Egypt desert safari tours. So what are you waiting for? Book your tour today and experience the wonders of Egypt on a budget!! through our Egypt trips.



Meet and greet service by our tour leaders at the airports

Assistance by Cairo Top Tours representatives

All transports are organized by a private air-conditioned vehicle.

Accommodation in Cairo Pyramids Hotel with breakfast

Accommodation for 1 night in Bahariya Oasis with breakfast

Accommodation camping in the White Desert .full board

Entrance fees and tickets to all the mentioned sites

Stops for snacks upon request.

All meals as mentioned in the itinerary.

Shopping tours in Cairo and Bahariya Oasis.

Bottled waters and cold drinks during all Egypt Tours.

All service charges and taxes are included.


International flight tickets.

Entry visa to Egypt.

Beverage during meals.

Tipping is not included in our Cairo and Bahariya Oasis Tours.

Tour price doesn't apply during peak seasons like the Xmas tours in Egypt, New Year, or during Egypt Easter tours

The Cairo Top Tours tour guide will meet you and assist you at the Cairo International Airport. After that, you will meet your English-speaking tour guide and proceed to your hotel to check in and spend the night.


After breakfast, your tour guide will pick you up and take you in a plush, air-conditioned car to the Saqqara Necropolis' Noble Tombs, where you can visit the tombs of Irukaptah and King Sekhemkhet.

The famous Alabaster Sphinx, which was carved from a single sizable stone block, as well as the gigantic sculptures of Ramses II may be seen in the Mit Rahina open-air museum in Memphis Necropolis (Mn Nefer), the first capital of Egypt's Old Kingdom.

The Red Pyramid is renowned for being the first precisely built pyramid in human history, even though the Bent Pyramid is the best preserved of the pyramids. You will be accompanied by your personal driver and Egyptologist as you tour Dahshur, a unique portion of the Giza Necropolis and one of the most fascinating ancient Egyptian archaeological sites.

Your tour guide will aid you in shooting tough professional photographs for the greatest Egypt Tours memories throughout your Cairo Day Tours, which also include a tasty lunch at an amazing neighbourhood restaurant.

return you to your hotel so that you can spend the night there.

Our guide will pick you up from the hotel when you get there to start your full-day tour to Old Cairo. A nice location to begin is the Saladin Stronghold of Cairo, an antique Islamic citadel in Cairo, Egypt. Near Cairo's centre, Mokattam Hill was once famed for its refreshing breeze and stunning views of the city. Before visiting the nearby Al-Rifa'i Mosque, which is close to Cairo Castle, take a stop for lunch. It is believed that the building, which stands across from the Mosque-Madrassa and was built in Sultan Hassan in 1361, is a complement to the earlier one.

In Cairo's Old City, a huge mosque and madrassa known as the Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa were built during the Mamluk Islamic period. The mosque was hailed when it was first constructed for its enormous size and avant-garde architectural elements. 

Al-Maqrizi claimed that the mosque was home to various "wonders of construction" and that an-Nasir Hasan, a sultan with a fleeting and forgettable reign, had given the go-ahead for its construction

The Sultan Hassan Mosque-Madrassa, a sizable mosque and madrassa in Cairo's Old City, was constructed during the Mamluk Islamic era. The mosque was unique when it was first built because of its enormous size and cutting-edge architectural features. 

return you to your hotel so you may relax there.


Al-Maqrizi claimed that the mediocre and transient monarch an-Nasir had given the mosque his blessing.

Use our safari trip by 4*4 to the Bahariya Oasis and the White Desert to begin your breathtaking trip across the White Desert of Egypt from your hotel. 

The trip from Cairo to the Bahariya Oasis takes about four hours, including a brief stop.

We will take you to the Bahriya Oasis, about 420 kilometers from Cairo, where you will see the Valley of Golden Mummies and the Temple of Alexander the Great, who governed Egypt in 332 B.C. and conquered Persia. 

The Tombs of the Nobles who dominated the area during the 26th dynasty, the Temple of Ein Muftella, one of the most significant constructions in Egyptian history

We'll head to the hotel after lunch so you can spend the afternoon at leisure relaxing in the neighboring hot spring. Lunch will be at a well-known restaurant where you can sample the local cuisine created with organic ingredients.

We will pick you up once more in the late afternoon and take you in the land rover up the Black Mountain so you can explore the ruins of "the English House" and take in the expansive views of the oasis as dusk falls. the hour of the night in Bahariya.


We'll travel to the White Desert, a section of the Farafra Oasis, after breakfast. 

We will stop along the way for a rest stop before visiting the Black Desert, which is made up of several Black formations and mountains that are densely covered with old volcanic rocks. 

The Valley of El Haize, which we will pass through next, is the last Bahariyan settlement to the south. 

If you'd like, you can take a hot spring bath right here.

The gorgeous Valley of Agabat is where we'll take you next so you can practice sandboarding and see the quartz crystal in the Crystal Mountains. Last but not least, you'll spend the night camping in the White Desert and take in the spectacular sunset while your guides prepare your delectable lunch.

After a hearty breakfast, you'll journey to the White Desert to view the hot springs and admire the magnificent white limestone formations that have been shaped by the seasonal sandstorms that blow over the region over many decades. Numerous local names for these formations exist, including the Mushroom and the Rabbit.

At Bahariya Oasis, you'll change to a more comfortable vehicle and take Bahariya back to your Cairo hotel.

Your tour guide will transport you to the airport when you check out of your hotel today. We sincerely hope that your vacations to Egypt were enjoyable thanks to our exclusive Cairo and Bahariya Oasis Tours. As you board your final flight home, a Cairo Top Tours representative will help.

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