Akhenaten's Rebellion, The First Insurgency | Monotheism in Ancient Egypt

Akhenaton is the pharaoh and religious reformer who ruled Egypt for seventeen years. His religious reform was to make the solar disk "Aton" the center of Egyptian religious life and to erase the name of the main Egyptian god "Amun" and his wife "Mut" from monuments and documents throughout the Egyptian Empire.

Akhenaten's Rebellion, The First Insurgency

Akhenaten followed the religion of Amun Ra, the Lord of the Sun and the main God according to the ancient Egyptian religion, and his affection for Heliopolis priests to break the thorn of Amun's priests in Thebes, who increased their influence and authority, and proclaimed a new religion based on the unification of all the gods in one God and called it "Aten," one of the names is the ancient god Ra, which means the Lord of the sun disk. If you are looking for an amazing historical journey to discover the history of king Akhenaten book our Egypt Luxury tours, we will take you to another level of entertainment.

He declared his total rejection of the religion prevailing in ancient Egypt with multiple gods, making him a universal god for all peoples, and symbolizing this god with the sun disk, and his refusal to be depicted by anybody, whether human or animal, as was the case with the gods of Egypt earlier in his rule. Akhenaten then moved the capital from the city of Thebes to the desert in the Tell el-Amarna region. The king's lack of interest in foreign policy and the protection of his Asian allies against the growing danger of the Hittites. Akhenaten died under mysterious circumstances around 1336 BC after a 21-year rule.

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