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  • Seabourn Sojourn Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Seabourn Sojourn Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Seabourn Sojourn, the flagship vessel of Seabourn Cruise Line's ultra-luxury fleet, was built in 2008 at the T. Mariotti shipyard in Genoa, Italy. Measuring 198 metres, it can accommodate up to 450 guests in its 225 spacious all-suite staterooms.

  • Norwegian Sky Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Norwegian Sky Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Norwegian Cruise Line operates a cruise ship called the Norwegian Sky. It was constructed in 1999 and can accommodate 2,004 passengers in addition to 878 crew members. The ship has several dining establishments, lounges and bars, a spa and fitness center, swimming pools, and a number of entertainment areas.

  • Explora II Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Explora II Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Explora II, the second vessel in the Explora Journeys fleet, sets sail in 2024 to redefine luxury cruising. With 461 ocean-front suites, 9 culinary experiences, and 4 pools, this haven of sophistication and sustainability promises an unforgettable "Ocean State of Mind" journey to inspiring destinations.

  • Mein Schiff 6 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Mein Schiff 6 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Mein Schiff 6 is the latest cruise ship in the renowned TUI Cruises fleet, offering passengers a luxurious and sophisticated cruise experience. At 315 metres long, this floating resort features a range of dining options, entertainment, and recreational facilities, including a spa, fitness centre, and sports amenities.

  • Mein Schiff 4 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    Mein Schiff 4 Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    When the Mein Schiff 4 cruise ship docks in Safaga, Egypt, passengers are granted access to a realm of ancient wonders. Aboard this state-of-the-art vessel, guests can embark on meticulously curated shore excursions that showcase the region's most iconic landmarks, including the Giza Pyramids, the enigmatic Sphinx, and the remarkable tombs and temples of the Valley of the Kings in Luxor.

  • MS Europa Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    MS Europa Cruise Stops in Safaga Port

    The Silver Moon, Silversea's latest flagship, is a luxury cruise ship that offers an exceptional travel experience for Venezuelans exploring Egypt. With a capacity of 596 guests and an impressive 40,700 gross tonnes, the Silver Moon maintains the small-ship intimacy and spacious all-suite accommodations that are the hallmarks of the Silversea brand.

Egyptian Revolution 1919

  • 05 16, 2023


British troops occupied Egypt from 1882 to 1914, though the khedive of Egypt remained the official ruler of the country. Egypt became a separate


Prior to the war, nationalist agitation was limited to the educated elite. Over the course of the war increasing resentment of British rule from the population. this led to the development of Egypt in the war increasing. although Britain promised to bear the war in full. during the war, the British sent to Egypt foreign troops. conscripted over one and a half million Egyptians into the Labour Corps, and confiscated building crops, and agriculture for military use. according to the allied promises during the war (such as President Wilson's Fourteen Points), after the war the Egyptians demanded independence.


after world war the Egyptian nationalist led by Saad Zaghlul made a request to High Commissioner Reginald Wingate to end the British Protectorate in Egypt. and re-presenting Egypt in the next conference, the peace conference in Paris. The delegation also included 'Ali Sha'rawi Pasha, Abd al-Aziz Fahmi Bay, Muhammad 'Ali Bay, 'Abd al-Latif al-Makabati Bay, Muhammad Mahmud Pasha, Sinut Hanna Bay, Hamd Pasha al-Basil, Gurg Khayyat Bay, Mahmud Abu al-Nasr Bay, Mustafa al-Nahhas Bay, and Dr. Hafiz 'Afifi Bay. Meanwhile, massive popular support for Egypt's independence.

The British saw the popular support that the Wafd leaders enjoyed, fearing social unrest. then in March 1919 proceeded to arrest Zaghlul and two other movement leaders and exiled them to Malta. Between March 15 to 31, at least 3,000 Egyptians are killed, they plundered the great lands and destroyed the railways, and burn down villages. the result was the revolution 

normal life ceased and this mass movement characterizes by the participation of both men and women, and by spanning the religious divide between Muslim and Christian Egyptians, it was more in the Egyptian countryside more violet. that he killed 800 Egyptians were killed and 1,600 others were wounded.

The British Government sent a Commission of Inquiry, known as the Milner Mission, to Egypt in December 1919 to determine the causes of the disorder and to make a recommendation about the political future of the country. Lord Milner's report, published in February 1921, recommended that the protectorate status of Egypt was not satisfactory and should be abandoned. The revolts forced London to issue a unilateral declaration of Egyptian independence on February 22, 1922.


Recognition of Egypt's independence was conditional. The following matters were reserved for the discretion of the British Government. They were The security of the communications of the British Empire in Egypt the defense of Egypt against foreign aggression the protection of foreign interests in Egypt

The Wafd Party drafted a new constitution in 1923 based on a parliamentary representative system. Egypt was independent but with temporary independence as British forces continued to be physically present on Egyptian soil. Moreover, Britain recognition of Egyptian independence which continued to be administered as an Anglo-Egyptian condominium. Saad Zaghlul became the first popularly elected Prime Minister of Egypt in 1924.



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The most important personality in the Egyptian Revolution of 1919 was undoubtedly Saad Zaghloul. He was a prominent Egyptian nationalist leader and the head of the Wafd Party. Zaghloul played a pivotal role in mobilizing Egyptians against British colonial rule and advocating for Egyptian independence. His leadership and the widespread support he garnered were instrumental in the success of the 1919 revolution and the eventual negotiations with the British.


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