Kafur Abu al-Misk

The governor of Egypt ''Kafur Abu al-Misk'', is one of the rulers of the Ikhshidid state, and in the year 966 AD, Kafur became the Abbasid governor over Egypt for 23 years, and he was credited with the survival of the Ikhshidid state in Egypt.

The governor ''Kafur Abu al-Misk'' Who ruled Egypt and then expanded to the Levant, then camphor came to Egypt and was a slave among the slaves sold in the Egyptian markets from Nubia or Sudan, and he was between the ages of ten and fourteen.

One of the oil merchants bought camphor from the slave market and was far away with him, and he used to carry heavy pots and pull the wheels with his hands, and it was hard daily work, then he would sleep on the ground afterward to sleep at the end. This hardship made Kafour a strong man and able to face adversity, then he fell under the hands of "Mahmoud bin Wahb bin Abbas Al-Katib", and here was the beginning of glory for him, Kafur began to learn to read and write. Destiny wanted Kafur to be a gift from his master to Ibn Tughaj, and when Al-Ikhshid saw it, his heart opened for him, so he bought camphor for eighteen dinars.

Here, Kafur's life began with seriousness and diligence, and Kafur had a saying, which is: "I wish to own this city." kafur was in the Ikhshidid state, taking into account the political conditions of this state. Bin Muhammad Bin Tughaj “trained himself to rule, so that he would benefit from it, and he did not let it appear to people so that they would not know him, because he was still a boy of fifteen years old, at the time when he was getting what he had allocated for him from camphor of money amounting to about four hundred thousand dinars a year.

Then the power and money became in the hands of Kafur, and here we find that Cavour had relinquished part of his pride and tried to please the son of "Muhammad Tughg" and wrote to him what would appease him and wish him, but the young king had forgotten the issue of governance and was satisfied with dinars,

then everything became in the hands of kafur And the matter remained like this, as the young king died at the age of thirty years, and Kafur lived at that time as a real sultan who possessed all the laws of government for a period of fourteen years, and Kafour took over the state of Bani Al-Ikhshid about 21 years, He was close to the hearts of the Egyptians because he was generous and was like them, fulfilling the needs of the people and bringing justice to their grievances. Kafur lived managing the affairs of governance in it with his master.


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