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King Khasekhemwy, was the fifth and last pharaoh of the second Egyptian dynasty. Little is known about Khasekhemwei, except that he led many important war campaigns and built many statues, which still remain, reminding us of the war against the northerners.

King Khasekhemwy |

Although better known than his immediate predecessors, even in his case there are doubts as to whether the name indicates a single ruler or two. Some serekh from the Horus Khasekhem and others from the Horus-Seth Kashekhemwy comes from the findings that took place above all in Abydos.

The location of this ruler in the sequence is unclear. Keeping in mind that the last ruler of the second dynasty is remembered for his military campaigns, especially in northern Egypt and that the union of the Nebouy-Hotep-imef with the official name can be made like Horus and Seth Khasekhemui, the Two Lords are at peace with him it is possible to consider that this king has reunited the two lands again of Lower and Upper Egypt after a period of division.

Pharaohs of Egypt

We can then assume this situation. Peribsen and Khasekhemwy reigned at the same time on the two parts of Egypt, Khasekhem (or his successor) unified the country again and changed its name by adding the name of Seth to the title in a sign of peace.

The tomb of Khasekhemwy was unique in its size and shape. It was trapezoidal and 70 meters long. The stone burial chamber was looted in ancient times, but the robbers missed an elegant scepter of gold and sard.


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