King Djedefre | Successor of Cheops

Djedefre, is an ancient Egyptian king ( Pharaoh ) of the fourth dynasty within the ancient Egyptian kingdom. He is the son and direct successor to the throne of Cheops, the builder of the Great Pyramid. He is the first to associate his name with the sun god Ra. He wanted to build a pyramid-like the pyramid of his father Khufu in the area of Abu Rawash but did not finish his pyramid except by settling the base of the pyramid. He was succeeded by his son Khafre, who built for himself the second pyramid at Giza.

King Djedefre 

King Djedefre is a pharaoh who, for the short duration of his reign, should not have played an important part in the history of the dynasty, but the choice of the place where he built his pyramid, Abu Roash, suggests that there were dynastic complications related to his name.

It seems that Djedefre, son of Cheops and a Libyan bride, had, for this reason, fewer rights to the throne than other princes.

After Cheope's death, Djedefre is believed to have had his eldest brother Kanab assassinated, who was born of an Egyptian bride of the deceased pharaoh and therefore had greater rights to the throne.

Successor of Cheops

Choosing a location far from Gizafor its pyramid would have been dictated by the calculation, in order not to force the hand in wanting to appear at all costs the legitimate successor, as it would have meant having a tomb prepared next to Cheope's.

After eight years of reign, Djedefre would have died, possibly assassinated by the order of Chephren, who thus brought the fourth dynasty back into the Egyptian family. Confirmation of the illegitimacy of the throne of Djedefre seems to be given by the discovery of some of his statues intentionally torn to pieces and by the abrasion of his name made on some monuments.

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