King Senusret II | 12th Dynasty Middle Kingdom

King Senusret II was the fourth king of the XII Dynasty of Egypt, who succeeded his father, King Amenemhat II, and shared the government with him during his last years. And what most distinguishes him is his great interest in the Fayoum Oasis area, as he began to build a huge irrigation system that starts from Bahr Youssef and ends at Lake Morris.

King Senusret II

Senusret II erected his pyramid some fifty kilometers south of Dahshur and sixteen from the Nile. The chosen place, El-Lahun, is located north of the point where the important channel called Bahr Yusef turns west to enter the oasis of El Fayum.

The pyramid of Senusret II presents a novelty later taken up in two other pyramids of the same dynasty. Experience had shown how difficult it was to guard against theft if the entrance to the burial chamber remained as always located on the northern flank of the above-ground building. The architect from Senusret, therefore, decided to place the entrance outside the pyramid.

However, this measure proved ineffective, because when the archaeologists finally managed to reach the burial chamber they discovered that it had been ransacked without scruples.


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