Ptolemy III the Ptolemies in Egypt

Ptolemy III of Egypt, Ptolemy He rose to power after his dad died in 246 BC (Ptolemies II )

Ptolemy III  

Ptolemy III: He is the third ruler of the Ptolemies in Egypt, and he was the eldest son of Ptolemy II from his second wife, the ruler of Egypt.

He came to power in 246 BC, after the death of his father, they punish his mother because the sons never liked her she was the second wife and the old sister of their father and he loves her and her children more than the other wife and the others sons that the side of Ptolemy society but the Egyptian side they liked his as they liked his father and the Egyptians called him Hassan.

He controlled Syria, Asia Minor, and some surrounding areas in the year 246 BC. He died in 222 BC. And after his death, Egypt began to fall as a great power in the world.

the Ptolemies in Egypt

Ptolemy III conquered the lands of the Seleucids and achieved an almost complete victory, but was forced to end his campaign after a revolt occurred in Egypt.
In the aftermath of this rebellion, Ptolemy III documented his relations with the elite Egyptian priests, wrote this in the decree of Canopus in 238 BC, and strengthened the power of the Ptolemaic state in Egypt.

In the Aegean, Ptolemy III's power suffered a setback after his fleet was defeated by the Antigonians in the Battle of Andros around 245 BC, but he continued his financial support to the enemies of the Antigonians in mainland Greece for the remainder of his reign. Upon his death, he was succeeded by his eldest son, Ptolemy IV


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