Ptolemy V king of Rosetta Stone

Ptolemy V was the King of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt from 204 BC through 180 BC, whose name is Epiphanes (Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt's Apparent God) Pharaoh.

Ptolemy V | king of Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone king is the Fifth Ptolemy he took the throne under the title of Epiphanes which means (the Apparent God) and was still a five-year-old child, Pharaoh of the Ptolemaic Dynasty of Egypt 204 BC-180 BC he married Cleopatra l and his sons are the second Cleopatra, Ptolemy the six so he was placed under the tutelage of some princes, and they moved away from the main functions of the state and disagreed with each other, and internal divisions and conflicts erupted during his reign that led to a bloody civil war in the streets of Alexandria, The Syrian king Antiochus III took advantage of this opportunity to intervene and seize Egypt and eliminate the Ptolemaic family and annex it to his possessions and subordinate it to Syria, so he occupied Phenicia and marched his army on Egypt, and then Rome intervened, although it was just emerging from a fierce war with Carthage led by Hannibal, which exhausted it.

The return of Egypt to the Ptolemies
The King of Syria, Antiochus, was forced, in the face of the hard-line position of Rome, to be satisfied with his victories and the annexation of the countries he seized outside the lands of Egypt, but he married his daughter to Ptolemy V, who was later called Cleopatra the First.


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