El Minya City | Land of The Dead

Al-Minya, also known as Menia or Minia, is the capital of the governorate of the same name, on the west bank of the Nile River. This city, located 225 km. south of Cairo is called by the locals the Bride of Upper Egypt because it is right on the border between the kingdoms of Upper and Lower Egypt.

El Minya City

El Menia or Minya which is called the Land of the Dead is located about 240 kilometers south of Cairo. The ancient Egyptian name was (Must Khufu) which means the nurse of Khufu. El Minya Egypt was considered the 16th nome of Upper Egypt which is the Oryx nome because of the antelope that inhabited the area. It was famous for the cotton industry. 

During the Middle Kingdom, El Menia flourished as the governors of the Middle kingdom started to build their tombs on the eastern bank of the Nile which was an unusual thing because they used to build their tombs on the west as they considered the west the place of the dead but they changed to the east due to the good quality of the stone and the natural mountains on the east will preserve their tombs from any cracking or destruction. The village of Bani Hasan houses 390 rock-cut decorated tombs from the Middle Kingdom. The Speos Artemidos was a temple built by Queen Hatshepsut.

Tell El Amarna

Akhetaten or Tel El Amarna was the capital city built by king Akhenaten and dedicated to the god Aten. Akhenaten lived there together with his wife Queen Nefertiti, his daughters, and his followers who were seeking a monotheistic religion. The glorious remains of their palaces, temples, and tombs beside his royal tomb still exist today. After his death, the priests of Amen destroyed the city of Akhenaten, including the city he built.

Other significant archaeological sites in the governorate of Minya include Deir Abu Hines, Deir el-Bersha, El-Sheikh Sa'id, and Tuna el-Gebel. El Ashmunein (Hermopolis Magna) was the main center of worship of the god Thoth. The tomb chapel of Petosiris was found in Tuna el-Gebel. The Monastery of the Virgin Mary at Gebel el-Teir is one of the important Christian churches in the city of Samalut which was built by Empress Helena, the mother of emperor Constantine the Great, where the Holy Family stayed during their flight to Egypt.

nile river

Nile Valley

Minya Governorate is the Bride of Upper Egypt and is one of the governorates of Egypt.

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