Blue Hole Dahab

Blue Hole, located in the charming city of Dahab, is the most famous diving place in the Red Sea in South Sinai, this hole is known as the divers' tomb.

Dahab city is among the safest tourist places in Egypt and it is one of the most beautiful red sea attractions for everyone from all over the world. The Blue Hole is a 100,000-meter-long hole on the beach, and there is a 25-meter-long tunnel that you can exit into the open sea, called the Divers' Graveyard. It is an attractive site where many divers from around the world come to challenge diving in the blue hole and try to get out safely despite the danger of diving there. A small distance away from the beach, which is very well known in the world, especially among divers, and it has many beautiful landscapes, such as coral reefs and colorful fish.

How did the blue hole appear?

It is said that a comet collided with Earth and as a result formed the blue hole, then the most beautiful dive in the world and the most beautiful landscape emerged, and diverse Marine organisms gathered, although it is a place of attraction for everyone, it is at the same time more dangerous.

The cause of death of some blue hole divers!

About 130 divers died, They were not in compliance with the rules of diving, and one of the divers said the maximum depth for recreational diving, was only 40m for divers, The most famous blue hole dead were divers ''Chick Exley, Dave Shaw'' and other authors who wrote on diving. They were trying to get in and explore the hole, and what drove divers to explore it was that it was filled with lots of beautiful coral reefs and diverse colorful fish, and it had a tunnel called the arc that it could get out into the open sea, 60 meters deep, This is dangerous, and most accidents occur because they get out of the tunnel into the open sea as they go beyond the maximum safety limit, and what happens is the divers' speed is reduced by the entry of adverse air currents, the air ends up in the oxygen tubes, and they get sea circulation due to magic of the depths and lack of light, There are tablets in front of the beach with the names of some of the dead at the hole. Despite the danger of the area, many tourists from all over the world come to it to discover it and enjoy the calm and color of the blue hole, but in the end, the visitor or diver must take care and good planning to dive with evidence of the hole and carry enough oxygen tubes.


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