Nuweiba is an Egyptian coastal city located on the Sinai Peninsula overlooking the Red Sea. The city is famous for the port of Nuweiba. And it is a tourist-agricultural-commercial area, as it is a major Egyptian port on the Gulf of Aqaba, in it there are also many water wells, in addition to the nearby flood waters and springs.

Things to do in Nuweiba

Nuweiba is an Egyptian city connected with the South Sinai Governorate. The city overlooks the Gulf of Aqaba and is located on an area of 5097 km, 85 km north of Dahab, and 465 km from the Suez Canal. In the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula, Egypt, All along the coast around Nuweiba; hotels and camps have been built, the choice of hotels being very wide, starting from five-star hotels to the cheapest accommodations. The mountains of Sinai in the background and those of Saudi Arabia visible beyond the sea offer a particularly captivating scenery.

Dahab is the nearest city to Nuweiba which is reached via Sharm El Sheikh International Airport. Dahab is characterized by the presence of many diving centers in more than 50 centers. Most of the diving places in Dahab are beach diving. Egypt Day Tours in Dahab will be your gate to Enjoyment, diving in the beautiful waters of the Red Sea, as well as a wide range of Dahab Day tours to enjoy all relaxing beach activities. Dahab Safari Day Tours


To the north is the Bedouin settlement of Tarabeen, with bamboo bungalows along the beach, while to the south extends the unattractive port area to the south, from which ships sail twice daily to Aqaba, Jordan.
Nuweiba Castle is a small fortress built by the Egyptian Sardaria in 1893 and made a police station to maintain security in that area. The castle has tall walls, entrances, and a large door, and inside its walls, is water well, located two miles from the Wadi Al Ain Temple to the north, which is the area that is now called Nuweiba Tarabin.
Nuweiba is located on a large flood plain with an area of about 40 km2, located about 465 km southeast of Cairo, and 70 km south of the Israel-Egypt border, Taba and Eilat separation. Nuweiba Port was built in 1985 on the Gulf of Aqaba and serves as a ferry port, which allows easy travel between Jordan and Egypt. Dear tourist ask me all your questions, because I am your guide specialized in Egyptology and present on the Egyptian land.


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