El Gouna

El Gouna is one of the most famous resorts on the Red Sea coast, located in Hurghada. It is characterized as a site for deep-sea diving and various water sports and for golf lovers, there is an 18-hole golf course.

El Gouna Nightlife

El Gouna is located north of Hurghada on the western coast of the Red Sea. If you are asking what is the nearest airport to El Gouna? it's El Gouna Egypt Airport It wasn't long before Sawiris, who was astonished by the splendor of the clear waters and the mountain scenery, was asked to join him, and the city prospered very quickly in the vibrant society it is today.

El Gouna was born from the project of a man who wanted to build a residential structure. Inspired by the beauty of the incredibly blue waters and the breathtaking mountain scenery, this man began to develop his dream and thus began building El Gouna.

El Gouna arrangements were created by several famous European and American Architects to follow the Classical Egyptian Architectural style like those observed in the Nubian villages and the old heritage cities.

El Gouna is an environmentally friendly destination with world-class accommodations for all family members that provide a variety of services, as it is divided into three main areas, the city center, Tamr Hena Square, and Abu Tig Marina

Just imagine a well-organized and full-of-life in El Gouna Egypt resorts or the town that stretches over 10 kilometers of coast surrounded by turquoise lagoons, just so you will begin to see El Gouna. To get a more complete idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis structure, an infinite number of structures for sports and free time with some El Gouna, Egypt kitesurfing. El Gouna is made up of 13 different hotels each with its particular style and with a large gallery of shops overlooking exclusive beaches. It is located just 22 kilometers from Hurghada airport in Hurghada where, with direct daily flights, you can reach all the European capitals. El Gouna is the ideal place to spend holidays and long stays. Many European families have chosen El Gouna as a permanent residence destination.

El Gouna

The town of El Gouna is truly magnificent both for its natural beauty and for the numerous activities that take place during the year. The heart of the town includes the natural area of ‚Äč‚ÄčKafr downtown and the Abu Tig Marina where most of the services and activities are located. The atmosphere of El Gouna is familiar and relaxed to the point that the residents themselves have the habit of parking their cars with the windows down. The district of the city center and the marina are the liveliest areas of the town, the area is full of shops and numerous bazaars, restaurants, bars, casinos, discos, internet points, art galleries, game rooms, supermarkets, a post office, and an information office for tourists.

An annual film festival was established in 2017, and is the El Gouna Film Festival, as it attracts many Egyptian movie stars, and also hosts some international stars. The festival is committed to discovering new voices and striving to be a catalyst for developing cinema in the Arab world, especially through its industrial sector, to create opportunities to develop and support all forms of creative expression in the MENA region, especially between the younger generations of the Arab world and their international counterparts.

In El Gouna, you can spend the whole day on the beach and you will also have the opportunity to choose a different beach each time. You can sip your favorite drink comfortably lying on the lido of your hotel, listen to music seated under the wild mangroves, or organize a fantastic picnic on the desert islands that are nearby. The wonders of tourism in the Egyptian land are fruits that Cairo Top Tours brings to you through its agents in the field and/or online.


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